WWE News: Former Superstar Passes Away At 49, Wrestling Personalities React


When a wrestler passes away at a young age, it is always something sad even if the person was not overly well known throughout their career. On Saturday, it was revealed that former WWF/WWE superstar Rick Bognar had died at the very young age of 49-years-old. While even some of the most hardcore fans may not recognize his name, others remember him as a key component in the start of the “Monday Night Wars.”

Before the New World Order officially became a reality and the Attitude Era existed, the “Monday Night Wars” kicked off with some ship jumping in 1996. When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were going by their real names, no longer answering to Razor Ramon and Diesel, and showing up on WCW Monday Nitro, things were getting real.

It was one of the strangest happenings ever and it was unlike anything that anyone had ever experienced before. Their jump from WWF to WCW was a huge move and it led to the creation of the nWo which led to some of the best wrestling histories ever.

Later that year, legendary announcer Jim Ross brought Razor Ramon and Diesel in as part of a storyline to make the Hall of Famer into a heel. It wasn’t really Hall and Nash, but it was Bognar in the role of “Fake Razor” and Glenn Jacobs (Kane) as “Fake Diesel.”

On Saturday, the Cauliflower Alley Club revealed that Rick Bognar passed away suddenly about a week ago. As of this writing, there was no cause of death given for the former wrestler.

Bognar did not spend a lot of time in WWF as he had a one-year contract and was gone after that expired. Jacobs ended his run as “Fake Diesel” and ended up going on to become the iconic legend known as Kane.

Before joining WWF, Bognar had wrestled in a few different promotions and even was a member of ECW for a short time in 1996. He appeared at one event as Big Titan and went on to defeat Judge Dreadd.

After leaving WWF, he went and joined New Japan Pro Wrestling where he actually joined the nWo Japan stable. The irony of that move is that he was a big part of WWF when the New World Order was just getting started in WCW.

Despite not having wrestled regularly for a number of years, there were many superstars who knew Bognar from time spent with him. Different wrestling personalities paid tribute to Bognar on social media after news of his death began making the rounds.