AEW News: Cody Rhodes Reveals That Weekly 'Dynamite' Show Almost Had Another Name

A new age of wrestling is almost upon us. AEW Dynamite will finally arrive on TNT next week, ending months of anticipation for what promises to be an exciting weekly mainstream alternative to WWE's shows.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes were recently interviewed by Pro Wrestling Sheet to discuss the company's upcoming show. According to Cody, they almost called the show Revolution -- which was his favorite option -- but they opted against it after fellow executive vice president Matt Jackson "hated it."

In the end, Cody revealed that they decided to go with the show's current name after learning what Tony Khan's plans and vision were for it.

"Tony had in his mind Dynamite from a young age. I was always fine with Dynamite, but when I heard his explanation on it, about how it's got a bit of a retro-feel to it and he wanted to reboot wrestling, retro-feel means also when everybody was watching wrestling, and I thought 'yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense.' And I've liked it ever since."
Dynamite is certainly an exciting name, and one which fits AEW's vision for wrestling. So far the company has been producing explosive in-ring action, so the show's official title is reflective of their style and brand.

At the same time, they can always use Revolution as a pay-per-view name or for a secondary show down the line. The company has also built itself on the idea that it will revolutionize wrestling, so it's another fitting title for an event.

Regardless of what the show is called, it promises to kickstart a new era of competition in the wrestling industry. With NXT airing at the same time on the WWE Network, there has been talk of both companies going to war with each other.

While WWE and AEW have both played down any notions of a war, they have taken some shots at each other to suggest otherwise. Last week, The Inquisitr reported that Kenny Omega claimed that NXT is a developmental brand that can't compete with AEW's star power, so shots have most certainly been fired.

AEW's first show promises to be an eventful one. The first ever Women's Champion will be crowned as Nyla Rose and Riho face off in the inaugural title match. On top of that, Chris Jericho will recruit two mystery partners to take on The Elite.

Cody Rhodes will also be in action, and Jon Moxley is expected to be at the arena to set up a future storyline.