WWE News: Former Superstar Criticizes ‘NXT’ On USA Network


Ryback doesn’t compete in WWE these days, but he’s still a keen and opinionated observer of the product. As a former NXT superstar, he also knows what it’s like to compete as a member of the black and gold brand, but the show is much different these days than it was when he was a rookie.

Earlier this month, NXT made its debut on the USA Network and the shows have been well received since its debut. Ryback isn’t the biggest fan of the current product, however, as he believes the wrestlers are all style and no substance.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the former WWE superstar shared his opinions about the USA network shows on his Conversations with the Big Guy podcast, while suggesting that NXT could learn something from Game of Thrones.

“You can take all of the talents in the world, the teachings of wrestling have changed from when I was called up where it began as psychology and storytelling to now you can get a room of 100 people and teach people all of those same moves. When you go to a movie or you watch Game of Thrones week after week if it was just an hour every week of senseless killing with crazy, acrobatic moves where people are being killed in crazy ways with no story […] would the average viewer be inclined to watch week after week?”

Ryback squashes Bo Dallas
Featured image credit: WWE

Ryback wasn’t completely dismissive of NXT‘s performers, though. While he isn’t a fan of their style, he did reveal that he loves their dedication and heart. He appears to be of the opinion that the product lacks the ability to tell captivating stories, which is a common opinion among wrestling fans who aren’t fans of the style of the fast-paced and hard-hitting style of NXT and the independent scene that inspired the show’s creation.

When Ryback broke through, NXT was a brand that wasn’t geared toward wrestling fans. The show was more akin to a reality television program, as superstars were given mentors and forced to perform a series of tasks. He then went on to become part of the Nexus stable, which saw several rookies team up to invade the main roster.

While Ryback’s opinion about the current product seems sincere and perfectly valid based on his taste, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was trying to get a rise out of the NXT superstars. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he has a history of trolling current WWE superstars.