Media Is Biased In Favor Of Elizabeth Warren, Says Journalist

Scott EisenGetty Images

Journalist and host of The Hill’s Rising, Saagar Enjeti, said on Friday that the media is biased in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Enjeti said that he and his co-host Krystal Ball have been targeted by fellow journalists for merely expressing “valid concerns” about the Massachusetts senator’s candidacy. Warren, who is surging in the polls, is being protected from criticism not only by fellow Democrats but by reporters supportive of her presidential bid, according to Enjeti.

The commentator drew parallels between the way he claims much of the liberal-leaning media treated Hillary Clinton in 2016, to the way Warren is being treated today. According to Enjeti, he and his colleague are being attacked by other reporters for merely pointing out that Warren is not polling well among African American voters, and for pointing out that she “obviously benefited from lying for years about her fake Native American heritage.”

“Just like 2016, you get unpersoned if you mention any of these things in the mainstream media,” he said.

According to the journalist, Warren has managed to impress “upper-middle class white liberals” who work in the media, and any criticism of her record is treated as “right-wing heresy.”

Enjeti clarified that he is “not on the left,” arguing that the liberal-leaning media’s less than enthusiastic defending of front-runner Joe Biden against President Donald Trump’s attacks also demonstrates that the press is biased in Warren’s favor.

The journalist also drew a comparison between the 2016 Republican primary and the 2020 Democratic race, arguing that in 2016 the media “delighted” in Trump attacking his Republican opponents, “and then fumed when they couldn’t kill him off when it actually mattered.”

“Democrats and their media allies are doing themselves a gigantic disservice by trying to neutralize any criticism of Elizabeth Warren,” Enjeti concluded, predicting that the Republican Party will have unprecedented “ammo” to use against Warren in the general unless the media properly vets her.

“I’ve seen this movie many times before and it appears Democrats and the media have learned nothing,” he said.–zi-dec

Earlier this week, as The Inquisitr reported, Enjeti’s co-host Ball — who is a progressive — similarly argued that Warren would be a weak candidate in the general election, predicting that Trump will win Warren is nominated.

Much like her colleague, Ball decried the media’s “glowing” coverage of Warren, suggesting that although the Massachusetts senator appears to have wooed affluent, white liberals — a key voting bloc in the Democratic primary — she would not be able to beat Trump.

According to Ball, Warren is “exactly the type of candidate who is consistently rejected by voters.”