Elvira, 68, Flashes Her Cleavage On ‘Halloween Wars’ Set And Amazes Instagram With Youthful Looks

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Elvira is returning to TV just in time for Halloween, and fans of the raven-haired hostess can’t believe how incredible the 68-year-old horror icon looks after all these years in the entertainment industry.

On Thursday, Elvira, whose real name is Cassandra Peterson, took to Instagram to reveal that she’ll be a guest judge on the Season 9 premiere of the popular seasonal Food Network series, Halloween Wars. She shared a photo from the set of the reality baking and decorating competition, and she was in full character as the sexy, punk rock vampire queen that became a household name by hosting Elvira’s Movie Macabre in the ’80s.

However, instead of making witty comments about B-movie horror flicks, she’ll be critiquing creepy cakes, spooky sweets, and petrifying carved pumpkins on Halloween Wars.

For her appearance on the show, Elvira wore her iconic, beehive-topped black wig with massive feather bangs. White makeup made her skin as pale as bone, and she rocked her signature blood red lipstick and theatrical eye makeup. She also didn’t hold back when it came to her costume.

Food Network stars aren’t exactly known for flashing a lot of flesh, but the lack of skin on the culinary channel didn’t scare Elvira away from sporting a skintight black dress with a plunging V-neck. The low-cut gown gave the TV personality’s followers an eyeful of her plentiful cleavage.

It’s fitting that Elvira’s character looks like a vampire, because her Instagram followers are pretty convinced that she’s not aging. Some of them couldn’t believe that her photo was a recent one.

“Wait this is her NOW?? Now way!” wrote one fan.

“Elvira, do you drink virgins blood?? You’re still the same since I’ve seen you in the first movie!” another remarked.

“Its amazing you look so gorgeous after all these years ever since I was a kid watched your show and work and you haven’t aged a bit its witch craft I guess,” wrote another longtime admirer.

Halloween Wars judge Shinmin Li also commented on the photo, inviting Elvira to “come back and play anytime” and praising her for being such a joy to have on the set.

Cassandra Peterson attends the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala at The Shrine Auditorium on September 14, 2019
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In addition to helping Halloween fans get ready for the holiday by appearing on Halloween Wars, Elvira has a few other projects in the works. According to Comicbook, Cassandra Peterson has been busy working on an animated series, penning her autobiography, and developing a new Elvira movie.

Peterson has been dressing up like Elvira for four decades, and the actress insists that she doesn’t mind only being known for playing one character. It helps that she has full ownership of her onscreen persona, meaning that she gets to keep every penny that she makes for dressing up like the vampish, vampiric beauty who talks like a Valley Girl.

According to Peterson, an artist friend who performed part-time as a drag queen helped her develop the Elvira look, which she describes as “a punk version of Morticia Addams or Vampira.” She was asked to make her neckline lower and the slit on her skirt higher, and Elvira was born.

You can watch Elvira judge nightmare-inspired Halloween displays made out of candy, cake, and carved pumpkins when the Season 9 premiere of Halloween Wars, “Trapped in a Nightmare,” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on the Food Network.