‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Flaunts Baby Bump In New Bikini Photo On Instagram

Lauren Drain Instagram

Lauren Drain, a fitness model, coach, and registered nurse, wore a red and blue bikini to flaunt her blossoming baby bump on Saturday, and it looks like her radiant pregnancy glow has captivated her followers. In the caption, Lauren expresses that she’s sometimes scared of spamming her 3.9-million-strong Instagram fanbase with pregnancy photos but many of those fans insisted that she had nothing to worry about.

“Don’t be scared,” one fan reassured her. “You’re brave for being vulnerable and allowing everybody to see you go through these changes. You look amazing!”

One fan noticed that she was hiding her bellybutton in the photo and encouraged her to show it off.

“Embrace the bellybutton girl,” they wrote. “I see what you’re doing. I hated not being able to hide my bellybutton under a shirt. You look great!”

Others were more succinct with their praise.

“Your body still looks perfect,” one fan wrote.

“You look beautiful,” another added.

“Glowing and gorgeous,” a third fan wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lauren revealed her pregnancy in an Instagram post last week. In the caption, she asked her fans to post an emoji if they wanted more baby bump photos and they flooded the comments section with them. One of those comments came from the woman who’s considered the “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl,” Yanet Garcia who dropped a couple of heart-eye emoji in her comment.

In that post, she also disclosed that she’s currently at the 6-month mark in her pregnancy. The photo is a gorgeous shot of her on a beach on Grand Exuma Island in the Bahamas and she’s also rocking a bikini, this one white with a floral applique on the swimsuit’s top.

But that wasn’t the first Instagram post that her baby bump was featured in. In a previous post, where she does a workout session in Bali, it’s clearly visible, although she doesn’t mention it in her caption. One of the commenters asked about it and she responded by admitting that she was, indeed, pregnant.

Quite a few of her fans asked about the pregnancy.

One fan asked for tips about intentionally conceiving and Lauren responded by saying she’s be making a YouTube video about it in the near future.

But she did admit that she had been forced to reduce the amount of weight she lifted since lifting heavy while pregnant can cause symphysis pubis pelvic pain. Healthline notes that this is a type of pain that can radiate to your things and is more pronounced while doing physical activities, like walking or climbing stairs.