WWE News: Matt Hardy Reveals Future Plans


Matt Hardy is a prime example of a wrestler who’s been able to enjoy a late-career renaissance. Although his latest WWE run hasn’t exactly been noteworthy so far, the “Broken” gimmick that he adopted prior to returning to Vince McMahon’s company was a phenomenon which showed that he’s not the type of wrestler who’s content to ride the nostalgia train like so many other veterans in the sport.

WWE has tried to capitalize on the Hardy Boyz name by having him team with his brother Jeff and win the Tag Team Championships. At the same time, Matt also modified his “Broken” persona for the WWE and formed a bizarre tag team with Bray Wyatt following a feud. He’s experimented with his character since returning to WWE, but he hasn’t been given a significant push by the company in order to establish him as a top star.

During an interview with Inside the Ropes, which was quoted by Wrestling Inc., “The Woken Warrior” revealed that he wants to play different characters going forward in a bid to appeal to stay relevant and interesting in a business that’s constantly evolving.

“I have a couple of other new things in the back of my mind, too, that I would like to utilize. But I would like to be this crazy, constant stream of change character on television, and almost like you said, when I use that would ‘multifarious’ earlier on, like someone who has all of these identities in his body, within his mind… I would love to do something like that because I feel like as entertainment changes, and especially professional wrestling, you can’t be the same thing for too long.”

During the interview, Hardy acknowledged that he’s not as physically capable of delivering the same caliber of wrestling matches that made him famous in the first place. While he’s still good enough to compete at a high level, at 45-years-old, he’s at an age where most wrestlers are well past their primes.

In recent weeks, he’s been posting videos to social media that depict him as a frustrated rich man with a difficult life. While it remains to be seen if this will be his new WWE gimmick, the videos are a testament to his ability to think outside of the box and entertain his fans.

As reported by The Inquisitr, the performer revealed that he’s not happy to sit on the sidelines. Hopefully, he makes his return to television soon.