Miley Cyrus' 19-Year-Old Sister, Noah, Updates Instagram In Plastic String Underwear

It's been less than two weeks since Noah Cyrus stripped down to a bikini to ride a motorcycle with dad Billy Ray Cyrus, as The Inquisitr reported. The younger sister to Miley Cyrus may have spent some time enjoying her wild side, but this 19-year-old is back to work. Noah has officially released her latest track, "Lonely," with promotional content for the song appearing to be filling the singer's social media. Of course, that is the best way to get the message out.

Noah updated her Instagram earlier today. The star appeared in an image that likely drew the eye by virtue of some direct eye contact from Noah, plus some suggestive body language. Noah appeared photographed from the hips up, with one hand placed to her throat and another resting across her middle.

The brunette didn't showcase a lot of skin, but she did opt for a wardrobe that mixed both her love of casual attire and her fun streak. The teen was in a black sweater-like top that was slightly cropped; just enough of the camera had taken in the singer's shapely hips for fans to see hints of plastic string underwear.

Noah also appeared to have made a statement with long, painted red nails, plus plenty of chunky, silver jewelry. The star was also showing off some tattoos. Noah posed for her snap with her mouth slightly open, although her vibe didn't seem too provocative.

Followers may well resonate with the title of the singer's new track. Noah may update her social media with somewhat-raunchy and scantily-clad content, but there's a side to this star that comes with raw honesty and emotion. She has been documenting her mental health, with an Instagram post made earlier this summer seeing her open up.
"It's hard for me to accept myself as i am. it's hard for me to love who i see back in the mirror. there i said it! i have insecurities. i struggle with self-love. it's the hardest thing for me to do. but i am growing and i am TRYING to get better - THIS IS MY FACE. THIS IS MY BODY. AND I WILL LOVE IT!!! - although you may feel lonely if you're going through these struggles... and as do i... YOU ARE NOT ALONE (also this wasn't a post for compliments about me. this post was for the people with the same struggles)."
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