Ruby Rose Documents Her Emergency Surgery After Suffering A Serious Stunt Injury

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Ruby Rose not only submitted to emergency surgery after suffering a serious stunt injury, but the treasured thespian also shared the experience with her millions of social media followers. On September 27, the popular television star uploaded a video on Instagram that told the sad tale, as Ruby allowed her serious operation to be filmed.

Although this seemed like an unconventional move for most patients, the 33-year-old entertainer was not only compliant, but eager to see what was happening while she was knocked out for the procedure. Ruby said that she had been in danger of “being paralyzed” if she did not go under the knife for the delicate procedure.

As a result of doing her own stunts over years for her acting projects, Ruby suffered a couple of herniated discs she had claimed were close to severing her spinal cord.

“I was in chronic pain and yet couldn’t feel my arms,” the actress admitted in the caption of her Instagram video shared with her 14.2 million followers, more than a million of whom liked the Friday share within a day of being uploaded.

In addition, a slew of social media users was eager to tell Ruby how they felt about her revealing clip.

“This is the most hilarious caption for a truly horrible situation. You’re such a trooper and an inspiration,” stated one fan.

“I’m squeamish but glad you’re ok now chickadeeee!!” exclaimed another.

“Glad you came out on top,” said a third user, who added a red heart emoji and a clapping emoji to applaud Ruby’s effort and attitude.

“So brave,” remarked a fourth follower, who ended the comment with a black heart emoji.

Ruby has been busy after starring in the series Orange Is The New Black. The prolific actress is about to appear as Batwoman when The CW program premieres on October 6.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, during the Television Critics Association’s press tour, the Australian actress discussed her experience as the first lesbian superhero and how that role impacts her community.

“I do think [the LGBT community] has come a long way, and we’re getting a lot more representation on television.”

Ruby will star as Batman’s cousin, Kate Kane, in the fresh series. Her character gets herself kicked out of the military after identifying as a lesbian during the days of when the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law was in effect in the U.S. This law, in effect until 2011, meant that an LGBT person was not permitted to serve in the military unless they kept their sexuality a secret.

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