Cardi B Appears Masked In Bizarre Floral Prints At Paris Fashion Week

Being covered up isn't Cardi B's trademark look. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper features eye-popping outfits as her trademark, although today is bringing out a very different side to the music superstar. Cardi has joined the swarm of celebrities currently in France for Paris Fashion Week, and it looks like she's made a major statement.

A video posted to Cardi's Instagram account appears to have launched nothing short of a meltdown. That might have something to do with what the 26-year-old was wearing. Yes, Cardi appeared fully masked.

The video showed Cardi marking her attendance in the French capital in a pretty visible way. She was seen in front of the Eiffel Tower. The video didn't highlight the iconic monument. While it was visible, fans likely found themselves quickly distracted, as there was a lot to look at.

Cardi appeared dressed head-to-toe in floral prints. The rapper was seen in a belted skirt with a fitted jacket; from the matching boots to the fully masked face bearing the prints, this was one coordinated look. She even wore gloves to complete her getup.

The video didn't show Cardi's face, but fans did hear the rapper's voice; she wasn't taking any hate. She did, however, mention that she couldn't see anything.

Instagram is going wild over the video. Cardi's video racked up over 1.9 million views in the span of just two hours, with the same time frame bringing over 18,000 fans to the comments section.

"Bwwwaaaaaaaaajajajaja Gwayyyyyyyyyyyyy me encanata," a fan wrote.

Given that over 426 users upvoted the comment, it's fair to say that their level of freakout was common.

"You b****** could neva," was another popular comment, which was echoed by other fans as well.

"POP DF AWF CARDI," one fan wrote with multiple flame emoji.Given that over 18,000 comments came in so quickly, documenting them all would likely take some time. Cardi seemed to have her fans in a state of shock, although the rapper's followers seemed to be mostly loving the look. As to whether anyone will be attempting to copy it, it's hard to say.

This summer saw Kim Kardashian slammed for allegedly swiping both Cardi B and Beyonce's looks, per The Inquisitr, but even this finish would likely be a stretch for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

It's not yet known where Cardi is going dressed in that outfit, but stay tuned to her social media for updates.

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