Kourtney Kardashian Looks Unrecognizable In Baggy Sweats With New Blond Hair

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The blond look definitely seems to be sweeping the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kendall Jenner’s platinum-blond hair recently made The Inquisitr‘s headlines, although the 23-year-old appears to have returned to her trademark dark locks.

Now, it’s Kourtney Kardashian’s turn.

Earlier today, Kourtney updated her Instagram. Fans seeing the image may well have found themselves doing a double-take, with the Poosh CEO looking somewhat unrecognizable as she debuted her new and very blond hair. The photo showed Kourtney in selfie mode. The star was seen in a room filled with cosmetics and makeup brushes; a counter in front of Kourtney was backed by a mirror, offering the star the perfect selfie opportunity.

Kourtney appeared with waist-length and peroxide-blond locks. The star’s tresses were seen falling down to her midriff and parted at the center. Kourtney didn’t opt for one of her racy mini dresses or killer power suits to wear. Instead, the star was rocking an athleisurewear wardrobe of baggy light gray sweats, with a stylish and trendy finish keeping things casual.

There was no denying that this was a very different Kourtney, though. While sisters Kim and Kylie have often switched their hair up to blond, and Khloe seems to be a permanent blonde, Kourtney is the solid brunette, alongside Kendall. The mother-of-three is rarely seen with anything but her raven hair color, although today definitely seemed to be marking a change.

A caption from Kourtney took things down a bit of a cryptic route.

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Her name is Daisy.

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The update seemed to generate a mixed, but overall positive response. Initial replies saw users slamming the look; then again, as the hours passed, the negative comments appeared to sink, with users leaving praise and finding their words upvoted.

As to the replies, the negative ones might have gotten a little lost amid the praise, but they didn’t disappear.

“Oh no honey this ain’t it!!” one fan wrote.

“From Kendall to you a mess,” another fans said bluntly.

“Not feeling it,” a third added.

Then again, a quick look at the post’s comments section three hours after it went live seems to suggest nothing but praise for Kourtney’s new look. Kourtney was compared to sister Khloe by some fans, but these individuals seemed to think that Kourtney was owning everything about her new hair.

“F*ck you are beautiful,” one fan wrote.

“They say God is a woman, right?” one user said, referencing Ariana Grande’s hit song.

Kourtney’s look will likely have her fans talking for a while. Well, unless, of course, she decides to switch back in the near future.

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