Lyna Perez Goes Completely See-Through: ‘If We Were On A Date, Would You Consider This Shirt Distracting?’

Lyna Perez takes a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna Perez appears to have asked Instagram a big question. The model and social media sensation generally comes with bikinis as her trademark — an outrageously tiny denim bikini from Lyna recently made The Inquisitr‘s headlines. Then again, fans can always expect the unexpected with Lyna. While full clothing isn’t regularly seen on this brunette’s Instagram, it looks like she bucked that trend today, adding a little of her signature, cleavage-flaunting finish.

Today’s Instagram photo showed Lyna sitting at a restaurant table. The model was rocking a simple pair of jeans, although she upped the ante by virtue of a completely sheer shirt in nude colors. The sexy top fully exposed the star’s chest, although she didn’t seem to mind. The buxom beauty posed fully exposed in front of a table that appeared to be set for one, with the model seen with a plate of penne pasta. Appetizing as the dish appeared, it’s likely it was the super-revealing outfit that attracted Lyna’s fans. The model was fully braless under her sheer shirt, with the cropped finish also flashing her flat abs.

Lyna looked right into the camera with a direct gaze, although her expression was mostly neutral. As to the caption, Lyna seemed to be asking fans whether they’d find the clothing problematic.

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A quick look at the comment section of the post suggested that her fans were totally on-board with the idea of dining with the model clad as she was. Lyna seems to have an incredibly dedicated fanbase, with the model now boasting 4.1 million Instagram followers. Fans seem to be signing up for more than just her good looks though — she also has a unique sense of humor. Lyna tends to do more than the standard Instagram swimwear updates of a bland caption and a brand shout-out. Lyna instead chooses to showcase her personality.

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I'm the meal, right?????????‍♀️

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Lyna also sticks to what she says. Her bio says she lives in a bikini virtually all the time and it seems that she practices what she preaches. Lyna is rarely seen in anything but her signature two-piece. Although today’s post broke the pattern, it can be assumed that the itty-bitty bikinis will return soon.

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When is a bikini too small?????????‍♀️

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Lyna has rocked some pretty sensational swimwear this summer. Recent updates have included a hot pink bikini, a peach-colored one, and sheer ones, with most of her posts getting well over 100,000 likes.

Fans interested in what Lyna will rock next can follow her Instagram.