AEW News: Cody Rhodes Says Door Will Always Be Open To CM Punk

This weekend has been an eventful one for CM Punk rumors. As The Inquisitr reported on Friday, the "Straight Edge Superstar" has reportedly been in talks with FOX about joining WWE Backstage as a pundit. While it's not the return to in-ring action that fans want, it's still an association with WWE that didn't seem possible only a few months ago.

In addition to Punk's rumored return to WWE, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claimed that All Elite Wrestling had closed the door to Punk joining the company after he disrespected them in an interview with ESPN earlier this year.

The latest development, meanwhile, suggests that AEW is still interested in bringing Punk into the company. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., executive vice president Cody Rhodes spoke to Collider Live! about the possibility of the former WWE star joining the upstart promotion. While Rhodes acknowledged that Punk made the company look like "dumba**es," he harbors no ill will towards him.

"If he ever wanted to be part of this and he had the passion to come back to wrestling, that door is always open. No ego, no situation would ever prevent us from having him come in because the fans have never given up on Punk. Ever. It's crazy."
During the ESPN interview, Punk claimed that AEW texted him an offer and said that it was an unprofessional way to do business. He also said that he doesn't have a close relationship with AEW president Tony Khan, but confirmed that he does talk to Cody and The Young Bucks on occasion.

Cody Rhodes in WWE

Rhodes didn't deny that AEW sent Punk a text, but he revealed that they made further efforts to bring him into the company, which were also unsuccessful.

"I'm sure we texted him, but we also called him. Someone also met you in a coffee shop. We made genuine efforts. But in this case, 2019, it's been quite some time away from the ring."
Rhodes also states that while he wants Punk to join AEW because the fans would love it, his attention is more focused on the wrestlers who want to be there.

Since leaving WWE, Punk hasn't shown much interest in the wrestling business, so he might not have the passion for the sport that AEW desires in their wrestlers. While his talent and name value would make him an asset to the new company, it doesn't look like he plans on joining any time soon.