September 28, 2019
Carrie Underwood Flaunts Insane Legs In Sheer Mini Dress On Nashville Stage

Carrie Underwood's legs are back in the news. Then again, whether it's cracked marble leggings – as The Inquisitr recently reported – or stage dresses, it looks like this singer never fails to make a headline when it comes to her famous legs. The Cry Pretty singer appeared in Nashville, Tennessee last night, with what appears to be a look that hasn't been documented on her social media. Fans of Carrie's overall progress as an artist will also be keen to learn that the blonde's performance last night came with some emotional words: Carrie was marking 15 years since she first auditioned on American Idol.

As Tennessean reports, Carrie didn't just belt out the tracks. The star took a moment to speak to her audience with powerful words.

"When I was a little girl … if you had asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would have told you I wanted to be a famous country music singer. As I got older, dreams tend to give way to practicalities, so I started going to school to get a real job. One day there was an open door, and I walked through it and my life was changed forever."
As to Carrie's look, this was definitely a head-turning one. A YouTube video of the star performing showed a stunning mini dress with a short front and a lengthier back, although an Instagram photo appearing on Ed Eason's Instagram likely gave fans a better look. The singer's guitarist posted a black-and-white image of Carrie on stage last night, with fans able to see a stunning, cut-out sheer number adorned with glitter. Of course, Carrie's now immensely famous and rock-hard pins were on show.Carrie's words to the crowd continued.
I'm living proof that the craziest things can happen, and you can end up exactly where you always wanted to be."
Carrie does, indeed, seem to have come a long way. The star's wobbly days auditioning in front of Simon Cowell are now a distant memory, although for many fans, there's a certain nostalgia to hitting up the old YouTube video and watching Carrie deliver her audition. With countless awards under her belt, a brand, and a superstar status, this blonde does appear to be proof that a simple audition as a young woman can go a long way. The singer is also a wife and a mother of two. Somehow, she manages to juggle it all.Fans wishing to see more of Carrie should follow her Instagram.