Karen Gillan Feuds With Ryan Reynolds & Mistakenly Sets Spider-Man On Fire

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Those who haven’t checked out Ryan Reynolds and Karen Gillan on Instagram over the past few days are missing out. The duo recently revealed they were participating in the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League for a chance to win money for a charity of their choosing, and both stars are letting their competitive streaks come out.

Ryan kicked things off two days ago when he explained in a nearly two minute video that one of the requirements of the competition was to trash talk who you were playing against. He continued to explain he was not a huge fan of the requirement as he was Canadian and generally didn’t like trash talking people. He added that being put against Karen Gillan only made things worse as he felt she was a genuinely nice person, making it more difficult to talk trash about her.

The actor did however manage to summon his inner Deadpool. Referencing her roles in The Avengers, Jumanji, and Doctor Who, Ryan unloaded on his fellow thespian.

While he labeled his video as NSFW, the vast majority of his video is censored with loud beeps, making it difficult to understand much of what he is saying.

Despite not being able to hear much of what he said, his video was well-received by his massive Instagram following of 32.8 million fans. Since going live, the video has accumulated 3.7 million views and nearly 8,000 comments.

Then, it was Karen’s turn to fire back at Ryan.

“And he had some really nasty words for me,” Karen exclaimed during her own video, before revealing that she believed actions spoke louder than words.

The video then transitioned to following Karen as she made her way to a store to purchase what everyone assumed would be some sort of Deadpool figurine.

It was soon revealed that Karen purchased a Spider-Man figurine instead, which she placed on a cinder block before setting it on fire. In the video, she watched as the figurine burned, declaring “take that Reynolds.”

It was at this moment that the individual holding the camera decided to ask Karen if she was aware that Ryan played Deadpool and not Spider-Man.

“He’s which one?” she questioned with a surprised look on her face before it cut to a black screen with the words “F*ck You, Reynolds” across the screen.

As an added bonus, the video included a little joke at the end that only those who have seen The Avengers: Infinity War would get, as the Spider-Man figurine begged for help while turning to ash.

Karen’s trash talking video was equally loved by her followers. It accumulated over 1.1 million views with over 6,000 individuals leaving a comment.

“The whole time I was like what did poor Spider-Man do to deserve this?!!” one follower wrote in the comments.

Many others echoed the same sentiment, saying they were absolutely tickled by her mistakenly setting Spider-Man on fire.

A few noted that they thought Ryan was the king of trash talk during this feud until they watched Karen set Spider-Man on fire.