Michael Jackson’s Former Bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, Says Son Is Doing ‘Very Well’ Following Seizure

Phil WalterGetty Images

Earlier this month, Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, revealed that his son, Hero, recently had a seizure due to a mysterious superbug that doctors have been unable to find a cure for. Although Fiddes said that he lives in fear that his son will die at any moment, he recently took to Twitter to suggest that Hero is currently doing well.

“Two months on from my Hero’s near fatal seizure,” he tweeted. “You can see my son is doing very well! Thank you for all your supportive messages!”

Fiddes’ recent scare came while on vacation with his wife, Moniqe, when Hero’s body temperature began to increase until it hit 37.7 Celsius. Afterward, Hero had a seizure, which led to cardiac arrest and pushed him into unconsciousness. Although Hero has recovered, he is currently on anti-seizure drugs, and Fiddes must carry an emergency drug with him at all times in case his son has another episode.

Outside of his family life, Fiddes runs one of the world’s most prominent martial arts schools, Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. He has also become one of Jackson’s most ardent defenders following the release of Leaving Neverland, which covers Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s accusations of sexual abuse against the late pop star. During an interview with Metro, Fiddes spoke on his decision to fight against the accusations in the name of Jackson.

“We knew the guy, we knew him so well, he spent time with my children, he’s not the man he’s portrayed as by James and Wade. I felt after that, for my own legacy, it was time to speak out.”

Fiddes said that the only people who truly knew Jackson were those in his close circle of friends. Outside of this circle, Fiddes claims people “had no idea” who he really was. He also claims that the rumors of pedophilia were “complete nonsense,” and said that he and others close to Jackson would sneak girls into his room regularly while on tour.

Jackson has received support from other celebrities, including comedian Dave Chappelle and singer Akon. During his recent special, Sticks & Stones, Chappelle suggested that he didn’t believe Robson or Safechuck, and made lewd jokes about the accusations against the King of Pop. As for Akon, he claims that Jackson’s love for children was “humanitarian.”

“But it weren’t even a flaw, that was all humanitarian and just him having a love for kids period,” he said, per Complex.