September 28, 2019
'Sports Illustrated' Bombshell Camille Kostek Dazzles Instagram With Flirty Dance In String Bikini

Camille Kostek clearly knows how to get her Instagram followers to stop scrolling and focus on her.

The Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition cover girl likely stopped a lot of them in their tracks on Saturday when she posted a black-and-white video of herself dancing on the beach in a string bikini. In the brief clip, the blond bombshell playfully points at the camera a couple of times, before squatting down and presumably shaking her booty off-camera.

The video accumulated close to 20,000 likes within the first 30 minutes after it was posted. In the comments, fans shared their appreciation for the clip and showered the 27-year-old beauty with compliments.

"In love with you," one infatuated fan wrote.

Others expressed disappointment that the camera didn't capture her entire body as you can only see her from the waist up in the clip.

"Can you please lower the camera so we can see your full body dancing in a bikini?" asked a second fan.

"I'm disappointed in the cameraman," a third wrote. "No booty."

Her fans didn't just gush over her physical beauty in the comments either, with some of them expressing their adoration for her personality as well.

"You're such a beautiful soul," a fourth follower commented. "You seem so genuine and happy! Thanks for the smile!"

"I love the fact that we only see your face looking genuinely happy," a fifth fan wrote. "Get it girl!"

In the caption, Camille revealed the dance break occurred during her Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition shoot in Australia.

The model has previously posted lots of videos in which she's busting a move and she's known for including the hashtag "#nevernotdancing" with those posts. As her caption in her most recent post implies, she'll dance anywhere once she's in the mood.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Camille twerked in an evening gown while she was on her way to the Harper's Bazaar Icons party.

"Right before I have to be fancy-schmancy I have to get loosey-goosey," she wrote in that post's caption.

She also recently posted a video of herself dancing with her famous boyfriend, former Boston Patriot's tight end, Rob Gronkowski. As a relationship timeline published by E! Online reports, Camille and "Gronk" likely started dating after 2015, the year when she left the Patriots' cheerleading squad.While a relationship with a high-profile athlete likely helped with her rise to fame, she has come a long way from being solely Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend.

Now, she's a Sports Illustrated cover girl who likely has several more opportunities on the horizon, as well as passionate fans who continue to lavish her with praise on each new Instagram post.