New Poll Shows Nearly Half Of America Favors Donald Trump’s Impeachment

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While previously polls have shown that Americans weren’t quite ready for another impeachment of a sitting U.S. president, in the wake of the Ukrainian phone call controversy, a new poll revealed that nearly half of Americans now favor the idea.

According to The Hill, a NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll indicated that 49 percent of those surveyed favor President Donald Trump’s impeachment, compared to 46 percent who do not favor such actions. The number of those for impeachment marks a notable 10-point jump from the same poll taken in April 2019, around the same time Robert Mueller’s report on the Russian interference investigation went public.

The increased support for Trump’s impeachment wasn’t just found in one poll, either. There have been a number of additional polls released that show the same results amid the growing Ukrainian controversy. After a whistleblower came forward questioning the White House’s actions regarding a call with a foreign leader, Democrats have accused Trump of pressuring the Ukrainian president into providing political ammunition against former Vice President Joe Biden — Trump’s top political opponent for the 2020 presidential election.

A Politico-Morning Consult poll showed that 36 percent of respondents favored impeachment, a seven percent increase in the number of people who support impeachment proceedings since their last poll was taken.

A Hill-Harris X poll showed a 12-point rise in Americans who support impeachment, revealing that 47 percent of respondents in that survey now support the move, compared to 42 percent who do not.

A poll released Thursday by Harvard CAPS/Harris could be the most alarming for the president’s re-election campaign, as it showed a stark increase in the number of independent voters who now favor impeachment, jumping from 24 percent in July to 52 percent in the aftermath of the Ukrainian phone call report.

Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, said the results clearly point to increased public concern over recent events in the Trump administration.

“The poll shows that the public has serious concern over the Trump actions,” Penn said.

“These are generally higher numbers than during the Mueller investigation and most consider his actions inappropriate, even if not impeachable,” he added.

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According to what a Democratic operative reportedly told The Hill, the true test of whether or not impeachment will be successful for Democrats is by looking at the reactions of independent voters if and when the House formally passes an impeachment vote.

“The only poll that will really matter is after the House votes to impeach him, only then will we know if independents in key states think he should be impeached,” the operative reportedly said.

“If it’s a no, we lose. If it’s a yes, then we have a chance. I think if the election were tomorrow, the ‘witch hunt’ narrative is still stronger than the argument that he’s used his office for personal gain. We’ll see.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to expedite the House impeachment vote, hoping to have Articles of Impeachment drafted by Thanksgiving and a full House vote on impeachment by the end of 2019.