‘Playboy’ Bombshell Kindly Myers Flaunts Famous Cleavage In Pizza Swimsuit Poolside

Kindly MyersInstagram

Kindly Myers seems to have food on her mind. The Playboy bombshell and ex-soldier is known for her sizzling swimsuit and lingerie updates, although swimwear that features food is less frequently seen on the blonde’s social media. Well, variety is the spice of life. Kindly wowed her fans in mesh lingerie, answering a “nude model” question just recently, per The Inquisitr, but it looks like the social media sensation has reverted back to her trademark swimwear.

Kindly’s photo today showed her poolside. The model appeared bathed in sunlight, with her own shadow appearing on the surface she was lying on. Kindly was photographed on her back, with it arched. She was also flaunting her famous cleavage in an unusual one-piece swimsuit featuring pizza slice prints – the famous snack food even got a mention in the caption. The swimsuit itself was white and high-cut at the waist, affording a fantastic view of the model’s slim and shapely waist, plus hints of her toned thighs. A plunging neckline kept things sexy, but there was no denying that this swimwear was going down the fun route.

Kindly posed for her snap with a bombshell and goddess-like pose, closed eyes, and both hands placed above her head. The star’s blond hair was worn down, with makeup accentuating her attractive features.

Kindly doesn’t seem to be a model who includes actual food on her social media — by and large, her popular posts are dedicated to showcasing the star’s fierce assets and never-ending array of lingerie, swimsuits, plus the occasional stylish dress.

Kindly is an unusual breed. While her bombshell looks aren’t unique on Instagram, her military past definitely renders her one-of-a-kind. Kindly served four years in the Army National Guard before focusing on health, fitness, and modeling. Speaking to Rambling Beach Cat, the model revealed how her time in the military shaped her.

“Basic training taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought I was, both mentally and physically. I also got to shoot many different types of guns and rocket launchers. It was fun and I met some great people,” she said.

“I am also confident that I could kick someone’s a** in hand to hand combat if the situation arose,” the star added.

Today seemed less about the guns and more about the fun and sexy swimsuit. Kindly has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see what she rocks next should follow her account.