'General Hospital' Spoilers: Josslyn Sparks A Fire In Nelle After Running Into Her Unexpectedly

Nelle Benson is back on General Hospital this week, and of course, there is always trouble ahead when she appears. She has been seen off-and-on all summer, which leads viewers to think that there is much more havoc that she is about to cause once again in Port Charles. Shiloh Archer may be dead and gone, but she and Ryan Chamberlain are still around, just waiting to pounce.

Coming up on Monday's episode, Joss will be running into her brother's former girlfriend, who terrorized her family for months. The new General Hospital sneak peek clip that was posted shows Josslyn walking through the park when she hears a familiar voice calling out to her. It's like nails on a chalkboard to Joss that she tries to ignore, but Nelle insists on chatting it up with her. She asks the female guard nicely if she can go see the recipient of her kidney, and the guard complies.

Josslyn isn't buying into Nelle's fake sweetness. In fact, she decides to taunt her about Michael after Nelle asks how he is doing. Joss tells her that Michael is finally happy with a new girlfriend who is "super kind, smart, and beautiful." She expressed how much the family all likes her and that she is glad that her brother is moving on. Nelle's face says it all. Will she be able to keep it together? Or will Nelle lose it in front of Josslyn?

General Hospital fans know that it's only a matter of time before Nelle makes her escape. Now that Shiloh is gone and is no longer able to help her, she may just turn to someone else. That someone could eventually be Ryan Chamberlain.

The previews for Monday showed Nelle saying that she was pleased to meet someone. She has already met Ryan right after he was brought to Pentonville, so it could be a new person that she feels could benefit her. There is no doubt that she is planning to make her way back to Port Charles to get her revenge somehow.

That means her son, Jonah/Wiley, is in danger. It also means that Sasha is now in danger from Nelle as well, especially after Josslyn taunted her. Nelle has kept up on Michael's life, so she knows all about it.

Sasha is currently trying to decide if she should tell Nina that she isn't her real daughter. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Sasha told Michael the truth about her identity, and now she wants to come clean to Nina as well. Will Nelle get to her before she has the chance to tell the truth?

Stay tuned to General Hospital on Monday to see what Nelle's reaction to Josslyn's stinging words will be.