A Donald Trump ‘Pee Tape’ Has Surfaced Online, Almost Certainly A Fake, But Mystery Surrounds Who Created It

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In early 2017, BuzzFeed published what has come to be known as the “Steele Dossier,” a collection of private intelligence reports by former British spy and Russia expert Christopher Steele detailing Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The most attention-grabbing allegation in the dossier came at the beginning of the first report, when Steele wrote that during a 2013 visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe beauty pageant, which he owned at the time, Trump hired Russian prostitutes to perform a “golden showers” urination show for him on a bed in the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Hotel. And even more disturbing, the whole incident, per the Steele Dossier, was secretly filmed by Russian intelligence agents to use as blackmail material against Trump.

Since the release of the Steele Dossier, whether or not the so-called “pee tape” is real or not has been the subject of intense speculation. One British investigative reporter claimed to have uncovered multiple witnesses who said that Trump was, in fact, visited by prostitutes during his brief stay at the Ritz-Carlton, as The Inquisitr reported. But the rumored video recording of Trump’s alleged escapade has never materialized.

Or has it?

Moscow Ritz-Carlton is seen at night.
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, where the removed 'pee tape' was supposed filmed.Featured image credit: Spencer PlattGetty Images

A video circulating online at least since January of this year, but only gaining notice now, nine months later, purports to be the “pee tape,” or excerpts from it anyway. And while the tape appears remarkably realistic, according to an extensive investigation by Slate reporter Ashley Feinberg, at least two subtle, but crucial details give it away as a hoax.

The grainy tape, filmed with a shaky camera, shows a man who bears a striking resemblance to Trump sitting in a chair holding a cell phone in his left hand. The “Trump” figure watches two semi-nude women on a bed as one appears to urinate from a standing position, while the other lies on the bed beneath her. Neither of the women’s faces is visible in the tape.

But according to Feinberg, the “Trump” in the picture appears to be wearing a tuxedo vest with a white tie. Earlier that evening, believed to be November 9, 2013, Trump was photographed wearing a blue tie and a standard two-piece business suit. One such photo from that evening may be seen at the top of this page.

In addition, according to Feinberg, while the room in the supposed “pee tape” looks uncannily like the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, it appears to be the room after it underwent renovations in 2015, two years after Trump stayed in the $18,000-per-night suite.

Could the room have been used to spy on guests? According to The Daily Beast, when late night talk show host Stephen Colbert visited the suite in 2017, he and his crew discovered an electrical wire behind a mirror — a wire that appeared to have no function, suggesting it may have once been used to power a secret recording device that has since been removed.

But according to Feinberg, who actually produced the counterfeit “pee tape” — and how they did it, given the high degree of realism — remains a baffling mystery.

While The Inquisitr is unable to provide a link to the apparently phony — but very much “Not Safe For Work” — Donald Trump “pee tape,” Feinberg’s Slate article, linked above, does contain a hyperlink directly to the mysterious video.