‘Spring Breakers’ Clip Introduces James Franco’s Character [Video]

The latest clip from Spring Breakers introduces James Franco’s character Alien to the world.

It’s clear from the trailers and clips from director Harmony Korine’s flick that James Franco is 100 percent committed to bringing this character to life. The embedded clip gives curious moviegoers a 40-second look at Alien’s introduction.

Spring Breakers is the latest effort from the director of Trash Humpers, Gummo, and Mister Lonely. Korine is also responsible for penning Kids and Ken Park.

During his trip to the SXSW festival over the weekend, Harmony Korine explained what inspired him to tell a story about spring breakers who decide to embark on a crime spree.

“I’d been collecting Spring Break imagery for a couple of years from fraternity sites and co-ed pornography for paintings and artwork,” he said. “Here were all these hypersexualized, hyperviolent subjects with childlike details — nail polish, bags, stuff like that.”

He added, “So I imagined girls on a beach in bikinis robbing fat tourists.”

Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and Vanessa Hudgens star as the bikini-clad troublemakers who find themselves getting arrested by local police. They’re bailed out by the thuggish Alien (James Franco), who intends to put the girls’ wild ways to good use.

Spring Breakers has received mostly strong reviews since it debuted at festivals last year. The movie currently has a score of 67 percent over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Spring Breakers

“Full credit to Korine, who sustains this act of creative vandalism right through to the finish,” The Guardian reviewer Xan Brooks explained. “‘Spring Breakers’ unfolds as a fever dream of teenage kicks, a high-concept heist movie with mescal in the fuel tank.”

While some feel the film will likely live on in midnight screenings long after its theatrical run has ended, Variety wasn’t nearly as impressed.

“Just about every charge of social negligence leveled at ‘Spring Breakers’ can be countered with an arch claim of intent, which makes it at once playful and wearying; enjoyment is contingent on how little you’re willing to fight it,” the publication explained.

You can find the latest clip from the film below.

A behind-the-scenes featurette has been embedded as well. Keep in mind that this particular clip contains some inappropriate language and risque imagery.

Spring Breakers opens in select theaters on March 22.