T.I. Debates Alex Jones On Donald Trump, Says President Has ‘Disregard For Black Lives’

Ronald Martinez/Alex WongGetty Images

Rapper T.I. recently spoke with conservative commentator Candace Owens at the Revolt Summit and made headlines for blasting her for the right-wing rhetoric that she pushes. Although he acknowledged Owens’ intelligence, he believes that she’s currently using it “adversely” and suggested that people of color who support Donald Trump are at least partially doing so for “self-serving” reasons.

HotNewHipHop reports that T.I. also took on controversial right-winger Alex Jones — best known for his role as the host of InfoWars — on his ExpediTIously podcast, and the pair explicitly focused on President Donald Trump. Although Jones expressed his belief that Trump is “always trying to unify,” T.I. confronted Jones on this belief and criticized him for defending Trump in the face of what the rapper believes is disrespect for minorities and black lives.

“That’s a lie… Now I’m going to go ahead and make a firm position and say that is a lie,” he said, and Jones later admitted that Trump isn’t always unifying.

T.I. also told Jones that he would not sit down to meet Trump in the Oval Office.

“The reason I would not be willing to come is because I cannot begin a compromise, or a discussion — a mutual respect — if I don’t know there is a respect for us. So first, I must identify and go straight to the disrespect and disregard for black lives,” he said, per AllHipHop.

Jones responded by saying that Trump would not mind T.I. broaching those subjects with him, but said he understood that showing up at the White House would likely be perceived as an endorsement of the president. In response, T.I. claims he would welcome Trump onto his show and respect him just as he showed Jones respect.

“He would have just as much fair room and freedom to speak as you do,” T.I. said.

Jones is currently being sued for his claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged. According to The Washington Times, Jones is also suing The Young Turks media group and House of Representatives candidate Brianna Wu for claiming that he sent child pornography to the attorneys suing him in the Sandy Hook case.

Robert Barnes, a lawyer representing Jones, claims that these were “lies and libel” and “actionable under the law as defamation per se.”

Both the Young Turks and Wu were reportedly asked to retract their remarks about Jones and refused. Although child porn was indeed found in electronic files that Jones turned over to Sandy Hook lawyers as part of the lawsuit, Jones was reportedly not treated as a suspect in the case, as he was not believed to have been aware of the files.