September 27, 2019
Israeli Fitness Model Avital Cohen Shows Off Insanely Ripped Abs In Neon-Pink Bikini

Israeli fitness model Avital Cohen gave her fans a treat on Friday when she posted a photo of herself rocking a neon-pink bikini that showed of her insanely toned washboard abs. Avital is lying down in the photo allowing the camera to capture a generous view of the gains she's earned from her fitness training.

According to the caption, the bikini is from Fashion Nova, a brand that's become associated with supplying the wardrobes of many a fashion/fitness influencer. The brunette bombshell didn't supply the name of the design, but it looks similar to their "Harley Ruffle Bikini Set" which retails for $34.99 on the brand's website.

Avital's Instagram followers leaped into the comments section to praise her amazing figure, and some of those fans were models themselves.

"Looking beautiful in pink," wrote fitness model Julia Gilas who has over 4 million followers on Instagram.

But Avital's non-famous followers gushed over her photo as well.

"Barbie wishes she was you," one fan wrote in a likely reference to Avital's caption for this post where she compares herself to the iconic Mattel doll.

Others were way more effusive with their praise.

"Omg I just nearly had a cardiac arrest," read one part of a fan's lengthy comment. "Oh god plz save me cuz Avi's beauty will one day kill me."

"You are so wonderful Avital," another infatuated admirer wrote. "You're so breathtakingly gorgeous a true angel! You are the most perfect artwork god has created. OMG, my fit angel."

Avital did not reply to either of these comments and it's easy to wonder if she reads the messages fans leave under her posts. If she does, Avital is likely used to seeing this type of adulation on her Instagram page. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she got the same type of attention when she posted a photo of herself rocking a sports bra and leggings, which were also from Fashion Nova.

Although Avital gets a lot of praise for sharing "fitspiration" content on social media, she has been open about the fact that her journey to becoming this version of herself hasn't been easy. In an Instagram post from last year, she revealed that she'd once had a severe eating disorder. She went on to add that she'd been afraid of eating because she thought that any bite of food would make her fat.

Her first step toward healing was dealing with her mental health issues, the next was to start eating more.

"I began to work out and to eat six little meals per day to adapt my body to EAT," she said.

Fortunately, it appears that she's been able to put the eating disorder behind her, but her story is an inspirational one for anybody going through a similar situation.