Michael Jackson Had An Affinity For ‘Unusual’ Pornography, Says Personal Assistant Scott Shaffer

Phil WalterGetty Images

The spotlight has always been on the enigmatic Michael Jackson, which his former bodyguard Matt Fiddes said was completely intentional. The King of Pop would reportedly wear masks, stick tape on his hands, and put tape on his nose to manipulate the media to make sure he stayed in headlines.

The Sun reports that Scott Shaffer, who was Jackson’s personal assistant for seven years, revealed another strange tidbit about the “Smooth Criminal” singer’s life: He reportedly had a particular interest for “unusual” pornography. According to Shaffer, he would sometimes be tasked with purchasing such magazines for Jackson, which is one of the reasons Shaffer says he knew Jackson was into women, despite the rumors.

“He liked to look at pictures of naked girls and he’d send me out to news stands to get him magazines. But sometimes instead of regular Playboy or something like that he would say ‘Get some with big fat women or old women. Just a little variety’ — he’d ask for whatever was unusual.”

Shaffer says the strangest pornography magazine he bought for Jackson was “big, fat old ladies.” He also described one situation when he was caught walking back from a newsstand with a collection of pornography by one of the band members.

“I told them they weren’t for me but no one believed me they were all teasing me,” he said.

Of course, Fiddes previously revealed that Jackson didn’t want the media to know about his sexuality. He claims that Jackson was always trying to maintain the mystery around him to drive headlines and fascination in newspapers, and it’s entirely possible that Shaffer’s pornography requests were part of this mission.

As Fiddes noted, the mystery Jackson generated around himself hasn’t necessarily worked out in his favor. Following the release of Leaving Neverland, in which Wade Robson and James Safechuck accuse the late singer of sexually molesting them as children, many believe that Jackson was hiding a dark secret behind his “mystical illusion.”

But those close to Jackson are ardent in their support of him. They claim that Robson and Safechuck manufactured their claims and Dan Reed ⁠ — director of Leaving Neverland ⁠ — spoke to no one but the pair during the filming of the movie to ensure it was one-sided.

In his defense, Reed claims that he did everything he could to find holes in Robson and Safechuck’s stories and claims they held up to his scrutiny. However, Jackson’s fans and supporters have found some holes in their stories — some of which are covered by Fiddes in Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth.