Steven Avery’s Lawyer Dismisses Credibility Of New Confession In ‘Making A Murderer’ Teresa Halbach Case


The saga seemingly continues for those involved in the case highlighted by the Netflix series Making a Murderer. Recently, reports detailed that a current Wisconsin inmate confessed that he was the one who really killed Teresa Halbach. Now, however, attorney Kathleen Zellner, who represents the man convicted in the case, is addressing the validity of this supposed confession.

Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey have been in prison for years after being convicted in the murder of Teresa Halbach. As The Inquisitr recently shared, someone different stepped forward and allegedly said that he was the true culprit in the 2005 murder. Initially unnamed, the Wisconsin inmate spoke to Shawn Rich, the director of the upcoming Convicting a Murderer, about his supposed involvement.

This confession generated a lot of buzz among those who watched Making a Murderer and have continued to follow Avery’s case. Many people were skeptical that this confession would turn out to be legitimate, and it seems that it may have been wise to have been skeptical.

This week, Zellner addressed this confession via her Twitter page. She shared photos of a letter she was sent by a man named Joseph Evans Jr. who now claims that he is the one who killed Halbach. It seems that Evans is the same Wisconsin inmate who spoke to Rich and allegedly confessed.

This confession comes not long after Zellner announced a significant monetary reward for anyone whose information led to the conviction of someone else in Halbach’s death. In the lengthy, handwritten letter that Evans sent to Zellner, he referenced the reward and even enclosed a deposit slip for Avery’s attorney to use in paying him the reward.

In additional tweets, Zellner noted that she considered this handwritten confession to be worthless unless it could be corroborated. She also encouraged Avery’s supporters not to give up, noting that they have been receiving other valuable tips and leads.

Zellner told Newsweek that she feels that Evans’ motives are transparent and that the legitimacy of the confession has been discredited by others who thoroughly know the Halbach case. The upside, Avery’s attorney noted, is that this confession would seem to now invalidate a prior statement Evans made that implicated Avery.

According to WBAY, Evans first became connected to the Avery case in 2016. He claimed that the two men struck up a friendship several years earlier when they were both serving time in a facility in Boscobel, Wisconsin.

At the time, Evans wrote in a letter that Avery confessed to him that he had killed Halbach. Supposedly, Avery had lamented that he’d have gotten away with it if Dassey hadn’t talked to the police.

Evans included numerous details about what he said Avery told him about Halbach’s murder. Now, as Zellner points out, Evans’ earlier claims seem suspect now that he’s also claimed that he himself killed the young photographer.

Joseph Evans, Jr. has been in prison since 2008 after being convicted of murdering his wife. He is serving without the possibility of parole, as is Steven Avery after his conviction for killing Teresa Halbach.

For now, Avery’s attorney continues to search for new leads as she fights for a new trial. Making a Murderer fans will need to stay tuned to see what developments surface next.