WWE Rumors: WWE Adds Extra Time Onto Yet Another Superstar's Contract Due To Injuries

Danny Cox

There has been a lot of talk going around in the last year that WWE has been adding extra time onto the contracts of numerous superstars. While it's true that they are wanting to re-sign as many people as possible to keep them from going to All Elite Wrestling, some are being forced to stay where they are. Now, there are rumors flying around that yet another champion has had time added onto his current deal due to being out with injuries.

Guys like Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy have missed a great deal of time due to injuries, and WWE wants them to make up for it. They are expected to have additional months added onto their contracts which will have them fulfilling their end of the deals made with the company.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the same situation had been happening with Luke Harper after he missed a lot of time due to injury. Yes, he recently returned to action to partner with Erick Rowan again, but at least six months of extra time was reportedly added to his current contract.

Now, the same kind of thing appears to be taking place with The Revival who are the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Dash Wilder has missed a good deal of time due to injuries in the last couple of years, and WWE has now extended his contract to make up for it.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of IW Nerd, Dash Wilder has had at least 10 weeks added onto his contract. This is due to the time he missed back in 2016 when he was out of action with a broken jaw.

Reports had come out that The Revival were set to have their contracts expire in April of 2020, but that was never truly confirmed. If they were going to leave at that time, it was thought that they would leave and sign with AEW as had been hinted at many times on social media.

It's still not out of the question for that transition to happen, but Wilder would have to wait longer than Scott Dawson to do it. Fightful reported that The Revival had not yet signed new contracts with WWE despite winning the SmackDown Tag Title at Clash of Champions a couple of weeks ago.

Right now, WWE is doing anything and everything to make sure that their talented superstars don't leave the company. They are going to re-sign anyone they can and if someone missed time due to injury, they're having them make up for it. The Revival is a very talented tag team that would be a hot commodity if they became free agents next year, but Dash Wilder will have to wait a bit longer to get there.