‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Jason & Sam Face Questions From Jordan While Franco Lashes Out Again

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

Shiloh may finally be dead, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Port Charles won’t be able to move on from his reign of terror quite yet. Both Jason and Sam had to fight for their lives while on the Haunted Star with the now-deceased Dawn of Day leader, but now Jordan will beckon them to the PCPD to answer some questions.

The sneak peek for Friday’s episode shares that Diane will be by Jason’s side as Jordan peppers him with questions about what happened. General Hospital spoilers note that Sam will be there too, and at one point, Jason will seemingly show a hint of emotion as he explains that Sam saved his life.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jordan may be hesitant to buy Jason and Sam’s claims that it was self-defense that led to Shiloh’s death. Obviously, both Jason and Sam hated Shiloh and didn’t hide those feelings so Jordan will question whether his death may have been intentional. However, it seems that ultimately, Jordan will end up accepting what they say about the incident aboard the Haunted Star.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Franco will lash out at Elizabeth again. He is quite unhappy that she has taken over control of his medical care due to the memory swap and he has made it clear he wants nothing to do with her and he doesn’t want to recover his true memories, either.

Despite that, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Elizabeth will stand her ground. She is determined to get her husband back, but she’s definitely facing an uphill battle in making it happen.

The preview also details that Olivia will go on a rant, upset about what is going on with Julian. General Hospital spoilers share that she will be intent on fixing things, but he’ll tell her there’s nothing much she can do.

Friday’s episode brings frustration from Laura, encouragement from Sonny to Dev, and reflection on Josslyn’s part as she talks with Carly. Trina is finally popping up again, as she’ll be wound up over something as she talks with Cameron.

In addition to all of that, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Carly will be heading to the hospital. Is her labor about to start? Hints seem to point in that direction with fans finding out more in the coming week.

It seems that Friday’s episode may serve as something of a transition into a new round of chaos about to happen during the week of September 30. As The Inquisitr previously noted, Michael E. Knight’s mystery character will first be seen on Monday’s show and viewers are eager to find out who the All My Children veteran will be playing.

Will Franco’s memories be restored? What comes next for Jason and Sam? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s plenty more drama on the way in the coming week and Friday’s episode should give viewers a sense of where things are headed next.