Maria Sharapova Flashes Killer Legs Wearing Tiny Black Shorts In Rural Italy

ElsaGetty Images

Tennis phenom Maria Sharapova is back in the news. The 32-year-old appeared in a new social media image that had nothing to do with the sport that made this Russian so famous but the upload did manage to showcase her killer legs. Maria already made The Inquisitr‘s headlines this month for wowing fans with a workout video.

On September 27, Maria’s photo was relaxed and sun-drenched. The blonde had turned up in the rural Italian town of Bordighera, per her geo-tag. However, a fun caption mentioned a well-known destination with Maria stating that the dramatic pose she was striking happened to be apt for Paris Fashion Week.

Although Maria possesses the height suited for bering a professional model, this star sticks to her strengths. Being a tennis superstar will forever be associated with Sharapova, even though this famous name in sports now has her own brand.

The snap showed Maria photographed full length and posing with a thrown-back head and a smile. The star was clad in a tiny black pair of shorts, with her killer long legs on full show. The shorts were paired with a simple, upbeat t-shirt in pink while the star had wrapped a sweater around her waist to keep her fashion statement low-key. Fans were likely eyeing up the star’s insane pins, although there was plenty more to look at in the image, with Italy’s beautiful scenery and a wonky cart selling all kinds of clay pots.

The update quickly proved popular, racking up more than 39,000 likes in the space of two hours. Fan comments were delivered in all languages. While some users left humorous remarks about those clay pots, others seemed floored at how beautiful Maria looked. Many an emoji response was left, with fans appearing to opt for heart-eye, fire, and muscular arm emoji.

Maria can be considered a muscle machine. The star trains hard and eats right, although she has mentioned a balanced nutrition approach, per her interview with Refinery29.

“I’ve always seen sweets as a treat post-workout or after an accomplishment to treat yourself or reward yourself. Or, even after a tough day as a pick-me-up, rather than something to load on constantly. I think I’m not too strict on myself, because I know that playing tennis is a huge part of my lifestyle and that I constantly exercise and I need energy. But, I also know that it’s important to keep yourself happy. Being mentally happy is just as important as physically happy.”

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