Kailyn Lowry Fans Spot A Mystery Man In Her Late Night Instagram Story

Nicholas HunGetty Images

Coincidence or conspiracy? That’s the question many Teen Mom fans are wondering after the image of a mystery man was caught in the reflection of Kailyn Lowry’s fireplace in a recent Instagram story posted to her account.

Kailyn has been going through some turbulent times as of late. There were recent rumors that Chris Lopez, the father of her youngest son, had gotten another woman pregnant. As reported by The Inquisitr, Kailyn made only made a brief statement on the matter.

“He is a free man & entitled to do whatever makes him happy,” she said.

Kailyn has also been dealing with drama due to cheating rumors dogging her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. Javi, who is newly engaged, was accused of stepping out on his fiancée, and Kailyn was dragged into the melee after posting about the allegations.

Now, it appears that the reality star has some new drama on her hands. In a recent Instagram story, the former 16 and Pregnant star filmed her dog resting by the fireplace. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed the image of a man behind her. Now, the question on everyone’s minds is whether having the reflection in the photo was an accidental or an intentional move on her part.

The story was posted around 11 p.m. and the drawn blinds in the living room seem to support that the guest was in Kailyn’s house late at night, leading fans to believe the star’s relationship with the mystery man might be more than just friends.

According to sleuths on a thread on Reddit, the man had short hair, no braids, and little to no facial hair, making fans believe that his identity could not be Chris. However, since his face is reflected in the gold strip at the top of fireplace, it is extremely blurry and difficult to tell.

What is clearest from the video is his attire, consisting of long socks paired with shorts, and the Reddit thread contains screenshots of these images.

Fans immediately had theories, many of them centered around the premise that Kailyn might have filmed the clip with the reflection intentionally, as a way to hit back at Chris.

“I think with Kail it’s usually intentional,” one user wrote.

Other fans soon seconded the theory.

“Yep, to get Chris’ attention most probably,” another added.

“She’s taken pettiness and raised it to an art form here. It’s a petty masterpiece! She could teach classes,” a third echoed.

However, other fans suggested that the mystery man could just be a friend visiting.

“Kail has a lot of friends, both guys and girls. She also dates both guys and girls. So you could make this assumption about literally anyone who happens to be in her house,” one cautioned.

The Instagram story is still available to watch for another 12 hours. Kailyn has not made any statement about the story image or her dating life.