Brooke Burke, 47, Wears Yoga Pants So Tight, They Look Painted On

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Brooke Burke is known for her love of fitness. After all, the Dancing With The Stars alumna even created her own exercise app to help motivate those to get some time at the gym. Therefore, it is unsurprising that she has a large collection of yoga pants that she likes to showcase on social media.

It’s even less surprising that her legs look fantastic in them, as the skintight nature of the leggings leave little to the imagination, and are so tight they look nearly painted on.

The working mom of four likes to keep busy, and it is impressive that she has still managed to prioritize exercise despite all her commitments. In addition to the fitness app, Brooke also is a television host, author, podcaster, and also runs a website for moms.

This is all in addition to her social media presence. The brunette beauty regularly keeps fans updated on Instagram, and currently boasts 394,000 followers.

It’s easy to see why she is so popular from her latest post. In the picture, Brooke leans against a wall, with a wood paneled background behind her. On top, she wears a white sports bra that shows off her incredibly tanned and toned arms. However, the show-stopping element is undoubtedly the metallic pants.

Incredibly skintight, the yoga pants hug her every curve. The sideways angle also helps showcase Brooke’s perky posterior. In addition, the high-waisted nature of the pants emphasize her tiny waist and hourglass figure.

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The picture earned over 6,650 likes and more than 180 comments.

“Perfect shot here,” gushed one fan.

“Goals goalzzzz,” added Danni Levy, editor-in-chief of Muscle and Fitness UK.

“Goddess!!! Such divine beauty and elegance,” concluded a third.

The brunette beauty is a fan of posting workout shots, like another picture where she was photographed mid yoga-pose in a pink athleisure ensemble.

However, she also treats her fans to racier shots on occasion. In one recent post, Brooke posed on the beach without a bikini top, using only her arm and a star emoji to protect her modesty, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.

Brooke has claimed that the secret to her fabulous figure is in intermittent fasting, a diet where you only eight for eight hours each day and fast for the other 16.

“Intermittent fasting that will save you,” Brooke confessed in an interview (via Hollywood Life).

“When I went to Italy I ate pizza and pasta and drank wine. But I was intermittent fasting so I didn’t gain a pound. I ate what I wanted but I didn’t hit the buffet for breakfast. Simple rules with intermittent fasting that allow you to eat anything you want to eat. It’s crazy,” she added.

“I used to make five meals a day and I would never go more than two to four hours without eating. That was my whole philosophy for 20 years as a young model, and I’m in better shape now than when I was then.”