GoFundMe Started For Trump Whistleblower, Confirmed Fundraiser Tops $100,000 In One Day

Drew AngererGetty Images

The unnamed whistleblower who filed the complaint related to President Donald Trump and the alleged Ukraine scandal now has a GoFundMe effort organized on his behalf. The fund has been confirmed by the whistleblower’s attorneys and is off to an impressive start.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, some details regarding the identity of the unknown whistleblower have already been revealed by The New York Times. The person is said to be a CIA officer who was once assigned to work at the White House.

Although many seemed to assume that the whistleblower was a male, that has now seemingly been confirmed as well. In addition, it is speculated that the person is an analyst who is highly knowledgeable on issues related to U.S. foreign policy in relation to Europe with an especially nuanced understanding of issues with Ukraine.

It is known that the whistleblower has retained lawyers Andrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid to assist in the legal issues surrounding his complaint. Both attorneys have confirmed via their Twitter accounts that they are involved in coordinating this Whistleblower Aid effort so that those who choose to donate can feel confident that the funds will be used for the true whistleblower’s legal fees.

Fox News explains that the whistleblower GoFundMe effort set an initial goal of $100,000 to support the person’s legal defense. The effort was initiated by John Tye, a former whistleblower who has created the nonprofit group Whistleblower Aid, and he is working with the attorneys involved.

In fact, both Bakaj and Zaid are already core members of the Whistleblower Aid team, having been involved from its inception.

The GoFundMe page was launched on Thursday and quickly hit the initial goal of $100,000. The goal has since been raised to $200,000. As of this writing, more than 3,700 people have donated nearly $132,000 in total so far.

The page notes that donations are fully tax-deductible and says that only United States citizens can donate. In addition, any funds that remain after this specific case is resolved will be used to support the Whistleblower Aid organization’s budget to help others pursue other lawful disclosures of wrongdoing within the government.

Things have been escalating with this whistleblower situation rapidly this week and there is talk that he is interested in testifying before Congress. President Donald Trump has railed against the claims made in the complaint, recently going so far as to imply that those who shared information with the whistleblower were like spies and perhaps should be killed.

It looks as if the Whistleblower Aid GoFundMe effort is gaining support rapidly and will likely hit its current goal of $200,000 relatively easily. Many will be watching closely to see what comes next with this intense situation that has now sparked an official impeachment inquiry by the House.