Donald Trump Demands Adam Schiff Resign 'Immediately,' Schiff Hits Back On Twitter

Mark Mackay

President Donald Trump took to Twitter today demanding House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff resign immediately, per The Hill. Trump accused Schiff of reciting a parody of the telephone conversation between him and Ukrainian president that is at the heart of the current media storm, framing and rewording it in such a way to make the president sound guilty. Trump tweeted his displeasure to the world.

"He was supposedly reading the exact transcribed version of the call, but he completely changed the words to make it sound horrible, and me sound guilty."

The tweet that followed asked Schiff to resign from Congress, opening with an all-caps statement.

"HE WAS DESPERATE AND HE GOT CAUGHT. Adam Schiff therefore lied to Congress and attempted to defraud the American Public. He has been doing this for two years. I am calling for him to immediately resign from Congress based on this fraud!"
"You're right about one thing — your words need no mockery. Your own words and deeds mock themselves. But most importantly here, they endanger our country."

Another writer, John Solomon, at The Hill published an opinion piece breaking down the allegations in some detail. The report looks at the publication of some previously secret memos containing the details of the case. Prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, was fired from his position by the Ukrainian government due to pressure from Joe Biden and was reportedly making plans to question Hunter Biden regarding some $3 million in payments he had received from Burisma via an American account, a fact also reported by The Inquisitr recently.

Joe Biden was recorded on video during a speech bragging that he had threatened to withhold $1 billion of U.S. loan guarantees from the Ukraine unless the fired Shokin, who was investigating Burisma at the time. Solomon reported in the article that the prosecutor's office in Ukraine still had two open investigations against the gas company at the time Biden pressured Shokin's firing in March 2016.

Media headlines are certainly unfavorable for Donald Trump, and we're likely to see a continued fierce battle for public favor in the wake of Nancy Pelosi's impeachment inquiry.