Fitness Model Amanda Lee Breaks Major Fashion Rule As She Rocks A Revealing ‘Power Suit’

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For Amanda Lee, fashion rules aren’t as important as looking great.

This week, the Los Angeles-based fitness model took to Instagram to give followers a glimpse of her very revealing look in a “power suit” that happened to be the brightest shade of white. While Amanda was breaking the once widely held fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, her fans didn’t seem to mind one bit as the picture racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and scores of supportive comments.

“Oh my God! You look so cute!” one person wrote. “White is your color sweetie.”

“Insaneeeeee,” another added.

With a following of close to 12 million people, Amanda Lee is one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram, where she alternates between revealing pictures of herself and some pictures and videos of the workouts it takes to stay so fit. As Lee shared in a 2016 interview with Maxim, she has a very strict workout regimen that includes a lot of work to keep her backside looking so famously fit.

Amanda shared that she works her lower body two or three times a week using a combination of squats, lunges, leg raises, hip thrusts, dead lifts, step ups, and leg presses. And that’s just the physical part — Amanda shared that there’s a mental aspect to developing one of Instagram’s most famous backsides.

“Always mentally focus on your butt when you work out,” she told fans. “It will help you see better results than just going through the motions.”

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I love a good power suit @fashionnova

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Though she’s now an Instagram superstar, Amanda revealed that her entry to the world of social media modeling was something of an accident. She was working in Los Angeles as a personal trainer and happened to connect with a client who appeared in hip-hop music videos. The woman snapped a shot together with Amanda and tagged Amanda in on it. The woman had about 80,000 Instagram followers at the time, and they quickly latched onto Amanda, building her following and encouraging her to post more of her own workout videos.

Amanda Lee’s following has continued to grow from there, more than doubling in the last few years and making her a fixture of the celebrity news circuits. Those pictures now regularly get viral interest, including a recent bikini shot that drew a huge reaction from her fans.

Those who want to see more from Amanda Lee can check out her Instagram page.