Nicole Scherzinger Pouts To Camera In Silk Dress While On A Swing

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Nicole Scherzinger is a judge on The Masked Singer, and its second season premiered this week on Fox.

The “Don’t Hold Your Breath” hitmaker shared on Instagram that the show’s first episode was listed at No. 1. In her caption, she thanks everyone who watched and supported the episode by attaching two boomerang clips of her celebrating.

In the first clip, Scherzinger is swinging on a swing outside by a pool. Behind her is a beautiful view of lit-up buildings in the dark. She is wearing a silk dress and is pouting directly to the camera. She is barefoot and has her brunette locks down and wavy.

In the second clip, she is jumping for joy behind a dining table with flowers and candles on it.

It’s evidently clear that Nicole is living her best life and wants everyone to know about it.

Within seven hours, the post racked up over 32,000 likes, proving to be popular with her followers.

“You are the cutest. Loved the show last night it was so much better than last year already. I loved your puns, they were hilarious and as always you looked beautiful and were so adorable and fun,” one user wrote.

“The brightest star in the universe,” another shared.

“You have a swing in your house? I’m so jealous, haha. Supporting you always, Queen,” a third mentioned.

“Big kisses from Brazil,” a fourth fan commented.

“Sending you love! You will always have my full support,” a fifth follower remarked.

Nicole rose to fame as a pop star but has been focusing on a career in TV recently. The “On The Rocks” talent is also a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor in the U.K.

The latest season of The X Factor is a celebrity special.

Scherzinger kick started her career in girl group Eden’s Crush but became a household name when she joined the Pussycat Dolls.

In 2005, their debut album, PCD, sold over 9 million copies and included six hit singles — “Don’t Cha,” “Buttons,” “Stickwitu,” “Beep,” “I Don’t Need a Man,” and “Wait a Minute.”

In 2008, they released their second and final album, Doll Domination.

The group made headlines recently for rumors that they will return for a tour in 2020 and create new music, per The Inquisitr.

“Nicole was made a multi-million pound offer to re-join the group and was given a huge advance which made it impossible for her to turn down.”

Scherzinger has a busy career and obviously likes it that way. She has yet to confirm any rumors regarding the Pussycat Dolls but big things are allegedly being planned.

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