Rob Morrison’s Tell-All Book Asserts TV Anchor’s Innocence

Rob Morrison’s tell-all book will likely assert his innocence in the allegations that he choked his wife, Ashley, in February.

The allegations forced Morrison out of his job as a TV anchor with CBS. But the disgraced former host hopes that his tell-all autobiography could even become a TV series.

This is the second time that Morrison has taken to the keyboard to write about his life. The first time was after he left WNBC in 2008. He started a blog, which was published on The Huffington Post, called “Daddy Diaries — Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Anchorman.”

He was never paid for the blog. But, when he returned to TV, there were talks about developing his blog into a TV show. Rob Morrison’s blog detailed his life as a stay-at-home dad while his wife, an anchor for CBS’ MoneyWatch, worked.

His blog was full of wit and jokes that, at times, rivaled Anchorman. It also helped provide inside information at the news business. Meanwhile, Morrison has had a hard time finding work in the news business. However, a close friend revealed, “he’s a fighter.” The friend added that the disgraced anchor knows it will be hard for him, but he isn’t ready to give up his career path because of the allegations against him.

It is likely that Rob Morrison’s tell-all book will also talk about his search for a new job. Morrison was paid $300,000 by CBS before the altercation. According to the police report, Morrison told cops, “I can’t go home tonight man, I’m f**king killing her!” The police report also detailed how Ashley’s brother, Dr. Gregory Risk, told police Morrison had made other threats about killing his wife and son in the past.

While no official plea was set in his first court appearance, Morrison has repeatedly claimed innocence, saying, “I have never laid hands on my wife.” He is scheduled to appear in court again on March 26.

Meanwhile, Ashley Morrison has remained in the couple’s home and returned to her job at CBS while Rob Morrison writes his tell-all book that will likely claim his innocence during the alleged domestic dispute.