‘Big Brother 21’ Winner Jackson Michie Says He ‘Might Splurge On A Trip’ With Holly Allen With His Winnings

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Big Brother winner Jackson Michie has big plans for his winnings, and those plans may include his showmance, Holly Allen. The latest winner of the CBS reality show has revealed now that he has $500,000 in his pocket, he plans to take care of a few things — and maybe even take care of Holly, his ride or die in the game.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Michie revealed that after spending the summer in the Big Brother house, his employment status is in “check.” (The Tennessee native previously worked as a server.) He also revealed that he doesn’t have a car or an apartment, so he needs to “take care of a few expenses” on the front end.

While Michie’s long-term plans for his windfall include a lot of saving and investing so he can set himself up “for success,” he did admit that he may drop some cash on what could be the best date ever for his showmance and Big Brother runner-up, Holly Allen.

“I might splurge on a trip with Holly, but that might come out a change of scenery,” Michie told EW.

Michie went into more detail about his plans in a post-show interview with Gold Derby. He revealed that he plans to buy his mom a convertible with part of his prize money. He has already set aside 7 percent of the funds for rent expenses and a car for himself. Michie, who is only 24 years old, said he plans to be responsible with his money.

“I have no intention of blowing it or going on sprees to exotic countries. I do want to treat myself — it’s been a long summer and Holly and I do want to go to Disney and somewhere tropical. But other than that, it’s going to my family to help them and it’s going into the bank.”

Speaking of Holly, while the two were a solid couple inside the Big Brother house –save for an occasional lover’s quarrel – it’s anyone’s guess whether or not they will continue their relationship in the real world. Michie told EW that Holly was “one of the best things” that happened to him in the Big Brother game, and he hopes they are able to “live life together” now that the CBS reality show has ended.

“Ironically enough, we’re in the same city. So it won’t be hard,” the Big Brother star said.

Even if they don’t make it as a couple, Michie and Holly will be friends for life.

“Whether we are in a relationship or not, it will not change the fact that we will both be in each other’s lives,” Michie vowed. “She’s a great girl, and if we don’t end up together and she gets a new boyfriend, sorry dude, but I will be one of her best friends.”

Holly Allen, Jackson Michie of Big Brother 21
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Jackson Michie’s Big Brother win was not all confetti and smiles, as The Inquisitr reported.

Moments before he was announced as the 21st winner of the CBS reality show, host Julie Chen Moonves informed him that America thought some of his actions in the house were racist. Jackson appeared deeply concerned by the allegations and did not even crack a smile as his Big Brother win was announced. In the final seconds of the live show, the Big Brother winner was seen assuring his parents that he is not racist as they consoled him.

Big Brother will return next summer for its 22nd season on CBS.