Kate Beckinsale Leaves Instagram In Hysterics After Revealing Kitty’s Naughty Toy

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Kate Beckinsale isn’t just an incredible actress who can successfully pull off wearing lingerie as outerwear. The Underworld star is also quite the social media comedian, and she seems to have a knack for filming hilarious cat videos.

On Wednesday, the 46-year-old stunner took to Instagram to share a short video of her female cat Willow playing with a toy. The fluffy feline can be seen flopped over the arm of a couch, playing with a spherical white object dangling between her paws.

“What you got, Willow?” Kate can be heard asking the pretty Persian. “What you got there? Can I see?”

Kate reaches for the toy, but as her hand gets close to Willow, the claws come out. The protective kitty lets out a warning yowl and claws Kate’s hand. This elicits an “Ow!” from the actress, but doesn’t deter her from grabbing the object that Willow so badly doesn’t want to give up. When Kate manages to successfully pry it from the cat’s claws, it becomes clear that the toy has a long squiggly tail.

“Go on, let me see. Oh, it’s a sperm,” Kate observes.

The video ends with Willow reclaiming the sperm from her owner by biting its tail. So far, the funny clip has been viewed over 220,000 times.

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Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram followers found Willow’s antics absolutely hysterical, and her post has been flooded with laughing emoji.

“Lol I need to get my cat a new squiggly toy…. Yours seems to really enjoy it!” read one response to the video.

“Oh my god I’m cackling,” remarked another fan.

This isn’t the first time Kate’s feisty feline has been protective of a questionable toy. According to the Daily Mail, the Total Recall star previously shared a video of Willow lying on top of a box full of penis-shaped keychains. When Kate attempted to reach for her cat’s phallic “treasure,” Willow growled and swatted her hand away.

Unfortunately, Kate Beckinsale hasn’t revealed where she gets all of Willow’s odd toys from, but she has shared the origins of her entertaining cat. She told The Late Late Show host James Corden that she “inherited” Willow from a friend, and she insists that the cat likes her, even if she has a strange — and smelly — way of showing it. According to Kate, she consulted a cat expert when Willow began defecating in her bed.

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“I woke up and there was a ring of fire. Like a sort of Harry Potter protective shield. So I called in an expert, The Cat Daddy,” Kate recalled. “It turned out that it’s because she likes me so much, we’re not allowed to stroke her too much because she gets too excited that she sh*ts. That happens to me with people too sometimes.”