Break Your iPod With The Branex iTamTam iPod Docking Stool

Branex Design iTamTam iPod Docking Station

I’m all for crazy/weird tech, but some designs simple aren’t functional and that appears to be the case with the Branex iTamTam iPod docking stool, a device that functions as an iPod dock with a sitting area for it’s users. Unfortunately the design looks ready to break your device as much as charge or play music from it.

The 11.5 pound stool features four 1.5-inch 10w tweeters, comes equipped with a 5.25 inch 80w subwoofer and offers a power rating of 70w, all while you sit on it and wait for your unit to charge or listen to butt vibrating music.

The stools come in 10 various colors and a price tag of $570. Just don’t scoot back while sitting down or you’ll be saying bye bye to your Apple iPod. [iPodNN]