Laci Kay Somers Teases She’s A ‘Sneaky Snack’ In Saucy Instagram Snap

Laci Kay SomersInstagram

Playboy model Laci Kay Somers was seemingly feeling especially playful and bold when posing for the latest photos she shared on Instagram. The blonde California bombshell is no stranger to sharing sexy bikini shots, but it looks like some of her followers think that she successfully took things to an entirely new level with these mouth-watering pictures.

On Thursday afternoon, Somers shared a duo of snapshots to her Instagram page. She was wearing a tiny black bikini that left little to the imagination. The strings of Laci’s bikini bottoms sat high on her hips to accentuate the curves of her hourglass figure and emphasize her slender waist.

Laci’s triangle bikini top covered only the bare necessities and gave Somers the opportunity to flaunt her deep, plentiful cleavage. The 27-year-old San Francisco native often has her platinum blond hair hanging in loose, seductive waves over her shoulders, but she tried something different this time.

In this case, the singer, fitness enthusiast, and Instagram influencer had her hair pulled into two buns that gave off a playful vibe. Somers leaned back on a red Jeep and looked off to the side as she locked her lips on a red straw to sip on what appears to be a luscious pink frozen treat.

Somers teased that she was simply standing in a bikini looking like some sort of sneaky snack, and it looks as if her followers went crazy over this tantalizing tease. Laci has more than 10.4 million people following her every move on Instagram, and in just one hour, more than 106,000 people had liked this new post.

Around 2,800 people also felt compelled to comment on the Playboy bombshell’s post, and it looks like it was nothing but love for this look.

Laci’s fans know that she is a big fan of tiny bikinis and similarly revealing ensembles. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, a recent post of Somers’ featured the California girl in a teeny purple crop top that generated a massive amount of love from her followers.

It is common for Laci’s Instagram posts to garner 200,000 or even 300,000 likes with looks like this latest one, and her videos regularly top 1 million views. Will this new “sneaky snack” tease from Somers become one of her top snaps? It certainly looks like it’s well on its way.

Laci Kay Somers teased her followers that she’s also put together a new YouTube video for them and it seems that everybody is anxious to check it out. The former Playboy model knows just how to heat up Instagram and her 10 million-plus fans are always eager to see more.