Kelly Ripa Drops Jaws In Metallic Fishtail Dress In New York City Ballet Throwback

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Kelly Ripa has delivered another throwback, although the images landing on the Live with Kelly and Ryan host’s Instagram account on September 26 didn’t stretch very far back. Given that the 48-year-old offered a photograph that had been taken during daughter Lola Grace’s childhood during Wednesday’s share, her most recent snaps were taken relatively recently, per The Inquisitr. As the star stated in her caption, those images were taken last year.

On Thursday, Kelly’s photos showed her as she graced the red carpet at the New York City Ballet. The opening image showed Kelly shot close up as she posed with her makeup artist, Kristopher Buckle. Fans definitely saw Kristopher’s nimble-fingered finish, with Kelly’s beautifully made-up face being fitting for a gala so ritzy. Also visible in the opening snap were hints of Kelly’s gown although seeing the gorgeous number did require fans to move on. In the second photo of the upload, Kelly’s photograph was a full-length shot capturing a look that appeared to have had her fans’ immediate attention.

Kelly’s dress wasn’t a racy one. Rather, it seemed to fly the flag for this star’s effortless class. It was long-sleeved with a conservative neckline, but it had plenty of flourishes: embellished and metallic silver hues on a black background adorned the material, with a fishtail train emphasizing the red carpet feel.

Fans swiping all the way through the images came across close-ups of Kelly, with the final photo adding a little humor. The star zoomed all the way in on her face and added digital stars. Those stars even received a mention in the caption in which Kelly stated that she was looking forward to attending this year’s gala.

Fan responses appeared to indicate that viewers were nothing short of floored.

“Could you be any more STUNNING?!?” shouted one user to make their point.

“You are so beautiful,” another wrote.

“Absolutely stunning!!!” a user agreed.

“You looked beautiful. How are you going to top last year?” wondered another fan who was talking about Kelly’s look last year as opposed to this year’s look for the same occasion.

“Hot DAMN!!!” another user exclaimed before adding a heart emoji.

Plenty more comments arrived to tell Kelly that she had absolutely nailed her look, with fans appearing to gush over everything from the dress to the blonde’s beauty.

“That dress should thank you!” one fan wrote.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever saw [sic]!” was another comment.

As to what Kelly will wear this year, only time will tell.