Israeli Fitness Model Avital Cohen’s Abs Look Like An Actual Washboard In Her Skimpy PJs

Avital CohenInstagram

Avital Cohen’s abs might be the definition of washboard.

The Israeli fitness model showed off her fantastically fit physique in a revealing Instagram picture on Thursday, flaunting her stuff in an outfit that included a skimpy tube top and pair of silk shorts. The model showed off her incredibly sculpted abs as she held a cup of coffee and offered a warning to fans not to bother her before she’s had her caffeine fix for the day.

“Don’t talk with me before my coffee,” Avital wrote.

But fans didn’t heed her warning, leaving many messages praising her incredible figure.

“Omg Avital you are so lean so breahtakingly gorgeous,” one wrote.

“Those abs babe,” another added.

Avital has become one of the most popular international fitness models on Instagram, growing her following to 1.7 million and frequently gaining viral attention for her revealing pictures. She regularly gets attention from celebrity news sites and men’s magazines, with her pictures racking up tens of thousands of likes and comments. Cohen has also been known for her frequent interactions with fans and her openness about life as an Instagram model.

As Media Arts Entertainment WorldWide noted, Avital has opened up about her health as well, telling fans how she developed what she called a “severe eating disorder” and an unhealthy relationship with food.

“I was afraid to eat because in my mind I was fat. I struggled a lot since food was my enemy,” Avital shared.

But the Israeli model was able to deal with the eating disorder and recognize it for the mental illness that it is. Avital said she has come to develop a healthy relationship with food, seeing it as necessary to live and developing a plan that has her eating six small meals a day to go along with her strict workout regimen.

To show her progress, Avital posted a side-by-side comparison of herself weighing 94 pounds and looking almost gaunt alongside a picture of herself at a much healthier 116 pounds.

“Since then I’m a much happier person, positive, healthier and treat my body with the love it deserves,” Avital wrote.

Avital Cohen seems to have focused much of her energy on her fitness. The model frequently shares pictures of her workout routines and then shows off the fruits of her labor in skimpy clothing. The model’s abs are frequently the center of attention as she shows off in bikinis and revealing workout gear.

Those who want to see more from Avital Cohen can check out her Instagram page.