Kelly Ripa Explains Why Her Tight-Waisted Pants Come With A 'F*ck You' In Epic Instagram Video

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Kelly Ripa's pants are making all kinds of headlines today. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host personally admitted to not being able to breathe in the white tight-waisted pair of slacks she donned for today's episode of her show, per The Inquisitr, although it looks like there's been an update. The 48-year-old has appeared in a new video posted to the show's Instagram account, with the content appearing to double up as both a fashion display and a reminder that this blonde has an epic sense of humor.

The video showed Kelly in the dressing room that she's regularly seen in; the star has created a bit of a pattern in terms of delivering backstage videos of herself documenting her looks. Today's video offered designer mentions; the pants were from Roland Mouret, with the patterned shirt coming from Erdem. Kelly also appeared in a pair of high heels that she dubbed to be forest green, although a voice in the background did suggest they were "Kelly Green." Kelly was seen admiring her look in a mirror, although talk did turn to the pants fairly quickly.

Kelly stated that she regularly wears pants, saying that people seem to think that she looks like a grown up any time she wears pants. Kelly then admitted to finding white pants risky, but the epic part of the video featured a bit of an outburst as she spoke right into the camera, announcing a "political statement."

"I'm wearing white pants post-Labor Day, so...F*ck you!" she said.

As to the fan response, it did seem that some users were finding the video brilliant.

"Love it," one fan wrote.

"Love you Kelly!!!!!" was another comment.

"Kelly is so fashionable!" one user said, eyeing up the star's style.

"Top looks like jammies," one fan wrote.

"That looks like a pajama top," was another comment.

Then again, other fans seemed sold on the outfit.

"Love this entire look!" a fan told the star.

The video seemed to rack up the views fairly quickly; over 30,000 were clocked within three hours of going live.

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