'General Hospital' Fans React To Shiloh's Final Takedown As Coby Ryan McLaughlin Wraps Up Time On Show

Thursday's episode of General Hospital finally brought a development that viewers have been anxious to see for months: the death of Shiloh. Willow identified his body at GH after Sam shot him with a flare gun on the Haunted Star, so it would seem that this villain is really and truly dead at last. The Inquisitr previously detailed that actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin is done filming scenes as the notorious bad guy and now fans are sharing their reactions to this across Twitter.

Ever since Shiloh first appeared in Port Charles and started to show his dark side, General Hospital fans have been vocal about their dislike for him. For the most part, viewers have often noted that they hate Shiloh, but can appreciate how great an actor McLaughlin is, and it looks as if that is still a commonly-shared sentiment.

"Coby, YOU KICKED A** even though you were the most hated fictional character but also, that scream was everything! That's it, that's the tweet!" one fan tweeted.

For some time now, fans had speculated that Shiloh would end up dead and that it would kick off a big whodunnit storyline. Now, viewers know that indeed, Shiloh is dead, but there is no mystery surrounding how it happened. Not only that, but Shiloh ultimately did not end up being a part of the highly anticipated baby swap reveal.

"Maybe @cobyryan74 really isn't out on #GH. He's such a great actor that even knowing it's just a role, I hate Shiloh so viscerally he makes me ill to see him even in the credits. It wouldn't be the 1st time a soap brought back an actor to play the long lost good twin," another fan posted.

Fans who suggest that McLaughlin be brought back in another role at some point in the future know that anything is possible on General Hospital. For example, Michael Easton has played numerous different characters on the show. He's currently portraying Dr. Hamilton Finn, but he has played characters named Dr. Silas Clay, John McBain, and Caleb Morley at various points too.

"Great payoff in today's episode of #GH. After being she and her family were terrorized by Shiloh, Sam not only stood up for herself the other day but she saved Jason and personally put an end to a Port Charles menace. More of this. #WomenofGH"
Is Shiloh really gone for good? It seems he is, but spoilers suggest that there is still some Shiloh-related drama on the horizon. As SheKnows Soaps details, Sam and Jason will face a lot of questions about what happened on the boat. In addition, Chase will have some major cleanup to do as he sorts through this mess.

Apparently, Shiloh's history of evil deeds will have an impact on what comes next for Willow and Harmony too. Viewers have seen that the mother and daughter pair made some progress in repairing their relationship in recent months. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that they will learn more about the crimes he committed and it will bring their issues full circle.

Will those developments ultimately lead to the revelation that Willow is Nina's true biological daughter? Fans have been speculating about that potential twist for months now, but the show hasn't thrown out any hints about this recently.

The truth about Sasha and Valentin's charade seems on the brink of emerging, and that would seem to be the perfect time for the Willow revelation to come out if that's what the writers have planned. It could be that crimes on Shiloh's part and perhaps Harmony's unknown pledge secret could be covering up a twist about Willow and fans are anxious for clarity.

This takedown of Shiloh has been a long time coming and fans seem pleased to see it finally happened. Who was responsible may not be in question, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there may still be some chaos surrounding the dead Dawn of Day leader in the days and weeks ahead.