NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal Discusses Contract Extension And Trade Talks

In July, the Washington Wizards offered Bradley Beal a three-year $111 million maximum contract extension. As the deadline draws nearer, Beal has until October 21 to make a decision about his NBA future. Given that Beal has yet to accept the deal, his name has been constantly brought up in trade talks. But he is taking his time before making a decision regarding his future.

"Honestly you might slap me, but I haven't thought about it," said Beal to NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller. "I'm just getting better and letting my agent, Tommy [Sheppard] and everybody else deal with it."

"I just go hoop. Every day I see somebody and they ask 'Beal, you leaving?' and I'm like 'I'm still living in D.C., I ain't going nowhere.'"
Multiple All-Star players have requested a trade in recent months, but Beal remains committed to the Wizards despite the team's recent struggles. Beal can certainly afford to wait until the summer of 2021 when his current deal expires, as he may be eligible for an even more lucrative contract. But in the world of the NBA, things change quickly, so Beal may opt to take the extension after all.

The Wizards were quick to launch contract talks with Beal, as they would prefer to keep their two-time All-Star player beyond 2021. But if Beal rejects the offer, the Wizards may have to entertain the idea of potentially trading Beal, who has already generated plenty of interest around the league.

"It's hard to avoid it. I have a phone so I see it all," revealed Beal, in reference to the never-ending trade rumors.

"I can post a picture of [John Wall] and someone will be like 'man, he needs some Miami sun!' and I'm like 'ok?'" added Beal during an episode of Wizards Talk podcast.

Beal has been linked to numerous teams in recent weeks, including the Brooklyn Nets, per The Inquisitr. Beal's decision regarding the extension will surely impact his availability on the trade market, especially if the Wizards have a disappointing 2019-20 NBA campaign.

This past season, Beal averaged career-highs across the board with 25.6 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 5.5 assists per game. It wasn't enough to lead the Wizards into the 2019 NBA playoffs, but Beal hopes to return to playing basketball beyond April as soon as next year. However, if the Wizards' season gets off to a slow start, then Beal may be wearing a different uniform by the trade deadline.