Charly Jordan Gets Cheeky In A Black Thong Bikini As She Stands In A Pool

Jerritt ClarkGetty Images

Charly Jordan revealed in a new Instagram update that she’s busy on a photoshoot for Forever 21, and she shared a bikini pic that’s sure to catch many of her fans’ attention. It featured her rocking a black thong bikini, as she posted photos of herself from different angles. This is hardly the first time that the model showed off her booty on social media. And she recently did just that in a topless update.

However, this new post was all about her black ensemble. It consisted of an off-the-shoulder bikini top, which she paired with thong bottoms.

The first photo showed her standing in thigh-high pool waters, as she propped her left knee in front of her. She placed her hands on her thighs, and looked straight at the camera with a slight smile. Charly also wore her hair down in a middle part, along with a pop of pink blush and dark pink lipstick.

Through her hair, you could see that the top was a zip-up style, and she accessorized with multiple necklaces.

A second photo showed Jordan posing with her back angled towards the camera, as her derriere was left on full display. She propped up her left foot on the underwater stairs and looked over her left shoulder. This time, she gave a smoldering look with her lips slightly parted. Her eye makeup was also more visible in this shot because she pulled her hair back a little from her face. It turned out that Charly was rocking a small cat-eye.

The photos seem to be a hit among her fans so far, as it’s been liked over 52,000 times in the first 20 minutes it’s been live.

Fans left a ton of nice compliments in the comment section for Charly.

“Soon you’ll be shooting for @voguemagazine,” said a fan.

“Ur legit the most stunning person I’ve seen,” said another fan.

“Literally a goddess? Literally a goddess,” declared a follower.

“You are the cutest little thing,” said another follower.

Meanwhile, there was one fan, in particular, who seemed to be especially infatuated with Jordan.

“I’d do anything for a chance,” they said.

It’s not too surprising that male fans would be wishing for a chance with Jordan, considering her immense popularity on social media. After all, her Instagram followers number over 2.3 million.

Plus, she’s not shy about sharing revealing photos, like she did several days ago when she posed behind a sheer curtain.

This update garnered over 292,000 likes, and showed Charly standing topless by a window. She wore a dark pair of thong bottoms, while hugging the curtain to her chest. Although her face was left mostly in shadows, it was still possible to see that she gave a coy look.