Viki Odintcova Sizzles In A Front-Tie Bikini & Pops Her Feet

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Viki Odintcova shared a new bikini pic earlier today, as she seemed to be keeping the summer vibes alive even as we enter the end of September. The model rocked a white swimsuit for the shot.

The model’s fans have come to know and love her revealing photos, including a recent update where she exposed her chest in a mesh top. So it’s likely that her newest photo will receive a ton of love. After all, it’s already been liked over 55,000 times in the first hour since it went live.

Odintcova was spotted posing poolside, as she sat upright and popped her feet. She kept her knees together and grabbed the sides of the white feature that she posed on. The model leaned against a circular, cement column. Behind her, you could see the pool and a green, manicured hedge.

Viki’s bikini top was a front-tie, strapless bikini. Meanwhile, a thin, white strap was visible on her hips.

She smiled for the shot and wore her hair down and slicked back.

This update was geotagged in Phuket, Thailand.

Fans had plenty to say about Viki in the comment section.

“Beautiful scenery, hopefully one day I will be invited…….” said a fan.

“Oh my god you are the goddessss,” said another fan.

“Thank goodness there are still beautiful woman that looks so elegant in these pictures,” said a follower.

Other fans likened her to different aspects of nature.

“Here beautiful lady. Even flowers are jealous of this beauty. You’re Amazing and Super woman,” said a follower.

“Beautiful as the sun baby,” complimented another follower.

It’s hard to know Viki’s travel itinerary, but at the least, it’s clear that she’s been doing a lot of traveling. Three days ago, she shared another update that was geotagged in Porto Cervo, which is in Sardinia, Italy.

This time, she wore an all-blue ensemble, as she sat on the edge of a white raft. The outfit seemed to meld into the backdrop, which boasted crystal blue waters.

Odintcova extended her right leg straight onto the ground, while placing her hands by her left leg. She tilted her head back to the right and closed her eyes.

Her outfit was matching and consisted of an off-the-shoulder crop top and baggy pants. The top featured half-length sleeves, and the pants rested right below her belly button.

The model also wore her hair down and behind her back as it blew slightly in the wind. She accessorized with a cross necklace.

This update was liked over 124,000 times.

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