‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Gets Cheeky In Hard-To-See G-String

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Nata Lee, dubbed “The World’s Sexiest DJ,” is arguably keeping her throne intact with a series of sultry photos on Instagram. And today, her photographer shared a new video that has fans talking.

The clip showed Nata rocking a cropped leather jacket and thigh-high black boots. But she wore no pants and opted for a hard-to-see g-string instead. The bottoms were a light tan tone and hugged her waist in such a way that it might have appeared to some upon first glance that she wasn’t wearing any bottoms at all.

The model wore her hair down and accentuated her booty by arching her back. And that wasn’t all, as she also leaned into a low, white wall and propped herself up with her arms. From there, she was seen moving through a couple of sultry poses. From placing her feet together to propping her left knee, Lee tantalized her fans with her curves.

Behind the DJ, you could see a brick wall that was painted white, along with a black ladder to her right.

This update was geotagged in Paris, France, and has been watched over 39,000 times in the first hour since it went live.

Her fans left enthusiastic compliments in the comment section.

“Omfg I love your body. Absolutely amazing hot,” gushed a fan.

Others focused on her outfit.

“I need this boots so I can look like that too,” said a follower.

“Holy cow. What a body. I love the outfit @natalee.007. the boots with the thong,” said another follower.

However, one follower seemed to miss the thong.

“I love the no panties baby,” they said.

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And while Nata is known for her sultry photos in swimwear or lingerie, she switched things up several days ago and wore a blue, polka-dot dress.

This photo showed the DJ crouching on the ground with her feet together, as she placed her left hand on her face and rested her right arm on her knee. She wore a completely matching outfit and rocked polka-dot sandals along with the dress. The dress featured short sleeves and a low neckline.

Lee wore her hair down for the shot and brushed it over to the right in tight waves. She smiled slightly with her lips closed.

This update was liked over 49,000 times.

There are many celebrities and models that are enjoying themselves in Paris right now, thanks to Paris Fashion Week 2019. The extravaganza kicked off on September 23 and concludes on October 1.

While it’s hard to know if Nata and her photographer are in town for the occasion, fans can hope for more sizzling updates from Paris in the coming days.

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