Shanina Shaik Strips Down To Bikini Bottoms, Lifts Up Shirt: ‘Not Bad For A Pasta Diet’

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Shanina Shaik is back in the news. The Victoria’s Secret model may be known for her super-slim physique, but it looks like this girl comes with a giant appetite. The 28-year-old has made The Daily Mail’s headlines today for some social media activity that included swimwear, although fans seeing Shanina’s Instagram story likely found the post amusing on account of the caption.

As the newspaper reports, Shanina took to the platform in selfie mode from her bathroom. The brunette was seen in a fairly low-key way, with her standing in front of a mirror as she snapped herself with a smartphone. Wardrobe-wise, the look was ticking boxes for seeing the model in swimwear, although the outfit wasn’t a full two-piece. Shanina was seen in reddish bikini bottoms, with a white T-shirt that The Daily Mail reported to have been lifted up. Indeed, Shanina was seen holding the raised shirt with her right hand.

Some text appeared in the photo.

“Not bad for a pasta diet,” Shanina wrote with a spaghetti emoji.

“Happy eating,” she added with a smiley face bearing pink hearts.

Of course, there seemed to be little evidence of any over-eating. The newspaper reported Shanina’s stomach as being “barely-bloated,” although fans would likely argue that the picture showed Shanina’s stomach looking pretty flat.

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The pasta fueling might ensure that Shanina keeps her energy levels up, but this is one model who seems to engage in activities that burn the calories off. Speaking to Women’s Health about her health and fitness, Shanina mentioned a workout joint that’s pretty famous: Dog Pound has been visited by Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin.

“For about an hour and a half – either with my trainer Justin Gelband or, my local gym, the Dog Pound, in New York. I mix it up – either with pilates-type moves or high intensity cardio like skipping or cycling,” she said.

That said, Shanina’s interview with the magazine did also see the star reveal some lower-intensity workouts, with Shaik appearing to be a bit of a yogi.

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“It gives me an inner peace. My favorite studio is Y7 Yoga in New York – they play hip hop music and it’s candlelit, so you don’t have to stare at yourself in the mirror if you’re having one of those days where you don’t like bits of you,” she added.

Shanina now comes as more than just a model, with her career having afforded her somewhat of a celebrity status. Earlier this summer, a stunning swimsuit Instagram update from the model made The Inquisitr’s headlines.