Bikini Bombshell Kindly Myers Busts Out Of Sheer-Mesh Lingerie, Confirms If She’s A ‘Nude Model’

Kindly MyersInstagram

Kindly Myers has delivered a fresh new Instagram update. The ex-soldier and model is mostly known for her sizzling swimwear and lingerie updates over on her social media, although the blonde’s fan base does seem keen on the fact that Kindly comes with a military past. Today hasn’t seen Kindly deliver any camouflage clothing, but it has delivered another lingerie update and some new information from the star herself.

Kindly’s photo today showed her posing in a simple setting. The model had been photographed relatively close up and against a white wall – it isn’t always beaches and pools with this star. Kindly was flaunting her famous curves in some eye-catching lingerie, and the star had opted for earthy shades, with a bra and briefs set that offered plenty in terms of variety. For the most part, the lingerie appeared to be formed of mesh fabrics, with details around the neck proving almost webbed. Lower down, the fabrics boasted sheer elements. Fans saw Kindly’s super-flat stomach and slim hips, plus a cleavage display that did see the star’s assets take center stage.

Kindly posed for her photo with a direct gaze, a smile, plus one hand held up to her blond and bombshell hair – this was worn down.

The update seemed to rack up some likes fairly quickly. While Kindly doesn’t have the world’s biggest Instagram following, her 1.7 million followers do seem to be awaiting her every update. Over 2,100 likes came in within just 30 minutes of the post going live. As to the comments, well, it looks like they’ve turned into a headline.

A fan comment came in.

“Is there a no lingerie photo of this?” they asked.

“No. I’m not a nude model,” Kindly replied.

Kindly has delivered some pretty risqué content of late. The model recently appeared in an Instagram video that saw a fellow model giving her booty a bit of slap – then again, Kindly does come with a fun streak. As to the star’s past, it’s way more serious. Kindly served four years in the National Guard prior to focusing on health, fitness, plus her career as a model. The star’s bio now introduces as the “professional smokeshow” that she is, with fans also getting a link to Kindly’s website.

Kindly’s updates mostly see her in the bikinis or lingerie that she is so adored for, although the odd snap will see Kindly dress up and don evening wear. Fans wishing to see just what Kindly rocks next should give her Instagram account a follow.